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Archstone Wisconsin Place



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Resident 2012 - 0 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/13/2012
Our experience was decidedly mixed. It was a nice building but like many residents we got suckered in by the great specials and then were victim to repeated unreasonable rental increases. Unlike most buildings in the area our first increase was not based off the special price but off the market rate so that was a significant jump and then each year after they wanted to raise our rent as much as 12-15%. Some building managers seemed to put more effort than others to negotiate with the residents when they complained but they basically hid behind the nonsense justification of "well, our shiny computers said the market optimization rate is blah blah blah." We reached a point where after going up almost $700 in less than three years that, in spite of the great location and everything, we could not justify paying what they were charging. Other observations: *The front desk staff and the leasing agents were, with rare exception, extremely professional and friendly. The on-site management, however, was another story. They turned over quite frequently and were by in large lazy and incompetent. You never got the sense they cared about giving the residents anything more that lip service especially when it came to dealing with the outrageous rental increases, for example. *The location is phenomenal. You can access the Metro from the parking garage and there is plenty of shopping and restaurants right there. You are on top of a Whole Foods and you even can say hi to the Wisconsin Place on-site managers as you tend to see them there more than in the apartment building. *Our unit was in pretty good shape. We never had anything more than minor maintenance issues. *The internal walls do a pretty good job of keeping out sound. You have to have a really obnoxious neighbor who is really making an effort to disrupt the community like blasting a sub-woofer to the max in order to be really disturbed by the noise. Unfortunately, we had one neighbor like this and it took an unacceptably long time for on-site management to address the issue. *The external windows are very thin. You can hear everything outside especially on a higher floor and a lot of cold air seeps in in the winter as well as hot air in the summer, which is annoying when you are paying the utilities. *Utilities are a rip off particularly the water bill, which is run by a shell company out of Archstone. *The parking garage was well lit though it seemed like residents liked to litter an awful lot. *The building is a little too pet friendly. I now have the habit of looking down whenever I enter an elevator because too many times there'd be a little puddle of joy left behind on the floor. With so many dogs they really need to designate a pet elevator. *The gym was okay. It is not uncommon for several cardio machines to be down for months at a time. *The screening and party rooms were fine, though there was always one Section 8 housing resident who always hogged the TV and would even barge in to try and watch the TV even when we had the room reserved and had an event in progress. *Very high resident turnover rate. I think this probably has to do with the ridiculous rental increases. In the end, it's a great place if you only want to stay a year, but Archstone is not a community, it is a price gauging company taking advantage of the fact that they do not have to abide by rent control restrictions.
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Archstone Wisconsin Place

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