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Archstone Wisconsin Place



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aprilbday12 • Resident 2009 Recommended
Reviewed 06/08/2009
OK. This may actually sound like a commercial, but I am a resident here, and I just have to gloat. First of all-it is a brand new building. Brand new and state-of-the art. It was suppose to be high-end condos, but the economy issues hit! Now, I benefit from living in pure and ultimate luxury. I'm paying for it for sure-this is not cheap-actually nothing about it is cheap-not the price and not the quality of living life here-but you get what you pay for, and here you get a lot. This is such an amazing place to stay. First of all-the pure quality of the apts-huge oversized bath tubs,expensive counter tops, floor to ceiling windows, state-of-the art kitchens! Then- the roof-top pool with wet bar! The view is amazing. Oh-the gym downstairs! Individual monitors on each cardio equipment. Yoga room!!! Also, there is the business center where I can do my faxing and reports for my additional part-time business. The lounge with free quality coffee, cappucinos, lattes and teas! Ignore my spelling! OH! The big screen movie room with an entertaninment catering kitchen! The metro is right across the street! Whole foods is coming up next door! Bloomingdales, Lia's, Tiffany's, Jimmy Choo,Cartier, EVERY THING RIGHT HERE. Even parking spaces-which are only 100 bucks a month which is reasonable because when I lived across from the Cathedral in NW, I was paying 175. The high-end shops-my daughter LOVES the new Sephora and Mac! Any requests are done in a day! 24 HOUR desk service. Bike storage. I can not list everything, but I can say that I am very very pleased and happy living here. Quality enriched personnel who talk professionally to you, listen to your concerns and questions, responsive and quick, and are all so well dressed and professionally mannered. I don't see myself EVER moving. Not ever. UNLESS.. they get sloppy and allow the place to go down. This is the ultimate luxury apt with everything anyone could ever want. I do mean ANYONE from surgeons, lawyers, teachers, business, models, peace workers,make-up artists, diplomats,CEO's, housewives, cashiers who are paid an incredible lot of money to afford it! My point is that ANYONE would love this place. SO BEAUTIFUL! AMAZING PLACE! I work hard and feel like I have something to show for it now. I wish I had done this sooner instead of penny-pinching myself in a 600 square foot apt Washington, DC where I had to deal with broken laundry, parking and maintenanace issues. Oh, my view there was a brick wall of the next door apt. So-this is THE place to be for sure. I LOVE IT! I don't think it is the place for kids, so I would not recommend it for families with small children. It is way too high-end and if the kids damage anything, I am sure the cost to replace the expensive features would deter any reasonably thinking person with kids from wanting to live here. Plus, I doubt if management would want to put up with the potential complaints about smudges on the beautiful walls, running in hallways and all of the cute things the little tots bring with them. This place is wonderful. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. As close to DC as anyone can get, just walk a block or so across the street.
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Archstone Wisconsin Place

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