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College Park Towers



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Office Staff
Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/19/2019
---- this place. DO NOT LEASE FROM EMMY LEE!!!! SHE IS LEASING APARTMENT NUMBER #507 IN THE HARTWICK BUILDING!!!!! The two other people living here for the next few years are related to her and they are dirty as ---- and disrespectful. Expect there to be hair all over the bathroom and piss all over the toilet seats. Also expect them to cook up some food that smells absolutely terrible and not clean up after themselves and leave their bad-smelling dishes in the sink for over two weeks... One of the people who you will be living with (if you unfortuantely decide to lease this apartment) actually left something on the stove for a few hours and completely burned his food and went off to class. When I came back from class, maintenence workers were like WTF trying to clear the smoke out of the room... It smelled like smoke for over two months and my lungs took such a huge beating. I actually wake up everyday coughing my brains out because there is so much untreated mold in the ceilings and walls along with the kid who smoked up the place with his burnt food. I literally never stay here over the weekend because it is such ----. 5 minutes before writing this, I had to kill a roach and throw it in the trash can. The roommates take up literally all of the space and hoard a bunch of raw ------- meat in the fridge and freezer leaving me with literally no spae to put my food in the fridge and they leave so much food in there that they forget about a lot of it and it starts to rot inside the fridge all the time. They also take up most of the cabinet space and I actually only have two cabinets to put all of my pots and pans and utensils... The wifi sucks and is comparable to eduroam. Overall air quality is terrible and my throat and lungs cannot take it anymore. I spoke with the previous tenants and they have confirmed everything I am saying as well. Heating sucks --- it is always too hot or too cold. Overall, DO NOT LEASE FROM EMMY LEE COLLEGE PARK TOWERS HARTWICK BUILDING APARTMENT #507.
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College Park Towers

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