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4330 Hartwick Road, College Park, MD 20740
4330 Hartwick Road, College Park, MD 20740

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College Park Towers



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slat21 • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2012
The ONLY reason to live in College Park Towers is the location: it's a minute's walk from the bars & Route One as well as to on-campus. However, if not for location, the building would have literally zero appeal to anyone. 1. Price: Each unit is owned by separate landlords, so there's some variance in quality, size, and rent. Most units have a similar layout. Expect to pay about $600 to share a crappy apartment and anywhere up to $850 to have a single in a nice apartment. Listings are not posted online anywhere; you can ask for a packet of listings from the management office that is updated every two weeks. If you call or email and ask, they will send you it too. You need to contact your landlord for unit repairs. A good landlord is invaluable. 2. Facilities: What facilities? There are no facilities. There is one tiny closet-sized laundry room with two washers and dryers on each floor. There is also a trash/recycling room on each floor. It is always dirty and smelly and I'm 99% sure the caretakers throw everything into the dumpster, recycling and trash together. Apparently there used to be a swimming pool approx. 7 years ago but no more. The lobby is completely devoid of any furniture save a couch and vending machine in Hartwick and nothing in Knox. 3. Parking: Awful, awful, awful. A complete and total ripoff. Each unit is guaranteed exactly one parking spot, no matter the number of bedrooms or tenants, and it cost $350 for the 2011-2012 year. In order to secure another spot, you need to enter a lottery. If you are chosen to get a second spot, it costs an additional $500. Parking for only winter term costs $79. To transfer a parking permit costs $5. Beware of towing- it is simply ridiculous. I know people who have been towed during the first few days of and before the semester, after only having their or their parent's car parked overnight to move furniture in. 4. Management: Without a doubt, this is the most terrible management I could ever even imagine to encounter. I feel the need to clarify that I'm not the dumb, drunken, disrespectful college student that management treats every tenant to be. My family actually owns several properties in different states and leases to multiple tenants, so I am well aware of the proper etiquette and procedures standard to apartment management. None of that is present here. The management office is supposedly responsible for handling the various day-to-day issues of the building tenants. Instead, the office is open until 5pm M-F and takes a ridiculously long lunch break until 3:05 in the afternoon! The site manager, Ken Gibbs, is always unnecessarily rude and hostile. I say 'always' not because I have a vendetta or am generalizing, but because that has been my experience literally every single time I have been unfortunate to encounter him. That includes yelling at my roommate's parent for letting their (leashed!) dog on the grass outside the apartment, yelling at me for washing my ground-floor window (I am not joking), yelling at a neighboring apartment for throwing a party (though they did deserve that) among other incidents. He is rude and unprofessional, and so is the woman who works for him in the management office. I am literally apalled and shocked at their behavior towards tenants, myself included. I am a 19 year old sorority girl and I conduct myself in a more mature manner. The one and ONLY appeal to this property is its location. I can walk to the b-school in five minutes, south campus and the mall in ten, and the bars in one. But the buildings are both decrepit and old unless the landlord renovated the unit well, the tenants tend to be pretty noisy, and worst of all we have BUGS everywhere even after the exterminator came through. The management is truly horrendous. These towers really just need to bought out, torn down, and a shiny new apartment complex built in its place. The Varsity would have done so much better and have had a much higher occupancy rate had they done so. Oh, and also- no heat until December! Stay away. The location's not worth it.
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College Park Towers

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