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4700 Berwyn House Road

College Park, MD 20740



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
The fact that the building is aesthetically pleasing on the first, second, and third floors doesn't really excuse some of the other issues that we've encountered during out three month time living here. Firstly, they CONTINUE to advertise things like their 'free coffee' on platforms like Instagram, but the coffee machine simply. doesn't. work. I think it worked for two weeks when we moved in early July, but hasn't worked since and it is now October 1st. -Why- advertise this? There have been complaints about it! Just fix it or get rid of the thing already. It's frustrating that you would advertise these sorts of things but your average person touring the building wouldn't know that you can't get a free coffee or hot cocoa because they haven't done a single thing to fix this in the three months it has been broken. I remember looking on instagram as I was walking up to the second floor one day to get my mail and there was a post advertising the coffee that had been posted not two hours before that I saw RIGHT as I rounded the corner to see an out-of-order sign taped to the machine. Just an extra little sour thing when you move in and realize you've been duped. I think this kind of thing is really telling about how the building managers have been dealing with issues; all talk. Secondly is the problem of the elevators. Two of the three elevators are out of order quite often and sometimes for long stretches. That's hard when you're disabled. If you're wheelchair bound, the only way you can access the third elevator would be to make it all the way through the garage to the loading dock elevator which you can't access from street-level because there are stairs leading from the loading dock up to the elevator, and of course that's only when the loading dock garage door is open. So good luck on that front. I've noticed that the elevators do tend to go out when it rains, particularly the main one, though maybe that's just an unfortunate coincidence. And on days like tomorrow October 2nd when we're supposed to get record heat for this time of the year, god forbid you live on the 6th, or 7th floors, and have to either walk up all those stairs or make your way to the loading dock. Thirdly, only five visitor spots. For a building with I don't even know how many residents. Fourthly, the package room on the first floor is almost always chock full the brim so good luck finding your packages on days when they haven't marked down the apartment in big sharpie and organized them per-floor. Like today. Fifth, the office staff is rude. I've not once had a good experience talking to them, from the moment I've moved in. And I've ended up apologizing for taking up -their time- to ask them questions. I've been nothing but polite to them and I literally always feel like me even so much as asking a simple question is like the most inconvenient thing for them. I'd often get email responses that weren't even full sentences, no sign-off, nothing, which isn't comforting if you're dealing with an issue. Not to mention that when I did ask questions over email, it took weeks and weeks for them to get back to me, even after several follow up emails on my part, even on time-sensitive issues. I would even call and be told that so-and-so would call me back but that would never happen. I'd leave messages to no avail. It has always felt like pulling teeth, so now if I have issues I just figure out the solution myself one way or another, for better or worse. Which sucks. Sixth, the water filters don't work. I've used a water meter on them and found that with the PPM displayed on the meter, you might as well just be drinking straight from the tap. When I first moved in, the ice coming out of the ice maker was black with something soot-like. I've been making my own ice and filtering my water since then. The gym is great. The pool was great when it was open. Do those things make up for the above issues? Up to you. I think it's telling that a lot of these 5 star reviews are coming from people who don't live in the building. Would I recommend this place to a friend? No. I've only been here since July and these are just the issues that I can remember in this moment. Do with that what you will.
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