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4700 Berwyn House Road

College Park, MD 20740



Resident · 2020
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
This has to be the worst possible place you can stay. Let me explain why. You will pay ridiculous money for a crappier experience than a dorm. The security staff will not take what you say seriously. The office staff will not take what you say seriously. You think dorms are bad? Not even close. Imagine loud parties, being able to hear your neighbor use the bathroom, hear your neighbor moan from whatever unspeakable activities they are doing, nats, and the WORST possible management. I can not even begin to tell you how much I regret staying here. I would do absolutely anything to get out of it. Let me tell you one of the hundred experiences I have already had in my stay here. (This one is just what happened tonight.) My neighbor next to me was moaning extremely loud and blasting music. I had work due at 11:59. I am a computer science major. I went down to security to ask them to quiet down the noise. The security came up to the room and knocked - mind you didn't even say anything - just knocked and the neighbors turned down their music slightly only to turn it back up even louder after security had left. Then, after I had noticed it had gotten LOUDER I proceeded to go downstairs again (don't forget I have an assignment due within the next thirty minutes) to ask the security lady to tell them to quiet down. She said "okay I knocked and didn't say anything to them but they turned down their volume when I knocked but I'll go again." This time I LISTEN to what she actually does. Guess what she does. This security lady proceeds to tell the people that she doesn't HEAR anything to the loud neighbors and is only coming up to get me off her back. She laughingly said to them that they could continue doing whatever. HUH? DO YOU THINK I'M COMING DOWN THERE FOR FUN? WHEN I HAVE AN ASSIGNMENT DUE? I step out of my room and confront her because she is literally not helping the situation only INVALIDATING the unspeakable noises I am being forced to hear. She laughs and says "welp all I can do is a write it down nothing else." Ok. Yup. Makes perfect sense. Writing it down. Nothing else. Smiling at the fact I have to put up with it. ????? WHAT ???? Also, it should be noted that the fact the neighbors turned down the volume as soon as she knocked is because this is a routine occurrence. They know that the moment the security leaves they can just turn the volume back up because nothing will be done. And trust me I've tried to talk to management MANY MANY times. They do not care. So, if you are thinking about staying here, just know how bad it really is going to be. Save your money and your time, patience, energy and SANITY. also, I have more months stuck here so please send positive vibes my way until I can get out of this wreck. :-(
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