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Towers of Westchester Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/15/2007
Overall there are not many complaints I have about the 6100 condominium. The overall age of the residents is much older. The parking is not so bad although if there is any type of resurfacing or construction on the parking lots (which can last for more than a week when it does happen), parking is impossible. I have canceled plans just so I'd be able to get a parking spot at night. There are a large number of committees which are always having meetings so if you're interested in joining something, this has many opportunities. There is a pool which is large and very nice (when open) but last year it was broken 1/3 of the summer. <br>If you decide to move in, the neighbors are pretty friendly but make sure you either befriend the building management or stay away from them. They will either love you or have it out for you. I have experienced as well as heard many stories from neighbors about the building manager just being a complete pain about everything. My experience with her is that she is a liar and has called me a liar to my face about an issue that was not even any of her business (it is a condo and I own it, I don't pay her or anybody else rent).<br>The maintenance staff is very friendly though and the cleaning staff are wonderful! <br>The security guards at the front desk work in slow motion and they have such a strong accent I have a very hard time understanding what they are saying, so I usually just smile and nod.<br>The building is very quiet usually but when the construction starts, it goes on and is extremely loud and there's nothing you can do about it.<br>Also, be willing to abide by the rules of the BLUE BOOK. If you move in, you will no doubt receive one. It is the Bible of Westchester Park and it has every rule imaginable (and they enforce them as well). For example you can't make any noise (construciton, aka no hanging a picture because you cant hammer in a nail during any hours EXCEPT 9-5). That seems a little discriminatory considering the time frame is pretty much the hours of a "normal" workday. <br>One last thing about the committees though...it's like high school for the elderly. There is always drama going on and someone who doesn't like so and so and sometimes it's a bit ridiculous, especially during the voting season.<br><br>Great thing is, if you want to just live there and not be involved, it's not so hard. Smile and be friendly towards everyone and keep your mouth shut about anything else.<br><br>Oh, also has a pretty nice gym for it being in the basement. Very nice upgrades done to the gym and I hear more to come too!
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Towers of Westchester Park

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