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7260 Eden Brook Drive

Columbia, MD 21046



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
DO NOT RENT! I have many years of renting experience and have lived all over the country...I can say in all truthfulness that this has been the WORST experience I have every had with an apartment complex... To start, my boyfriend and I showed up the day of move in, ready to pick up our keys and get going only to be told that the agent had given us the wrong apartment. We specifically picked this complex due to the fair pricing and availability of top floor apartments. I have had too many poor experiences with above apartment noises that I refused to sign a lease to any place that was not top floor. After sitting with the agent for over an hour, signing the lease, etc, we were given the keys and escorted over to our 'new' apartment. We were walked over to a bottom floor.... I immediately informed him that this was not correct as the agent we were previously in contact with had showed me a top floor that was newly renovated and said that would be the exact place I would be residing....Apparently he was incorrect. We sat around for another 2 hours while they tried to figure this out. During that time the leasing agent called the manager over 3 times and had multiple conversations to try and rectify this situation. Each time he was unsuccessful. Around the 4 hour mark, the manager finally stopped by the property to speak with me (my bf had to go back and figure out the situation with our movers as we didn't have a place to go)...She informed us that they would be able to move us into a 2nd floor old reno apartment and that we "may be able to move in a few months" to the apartment we were originally told we had leased. She then informed me that we may have to pay a $500 transfer fee....WHY WOULD WE HAVE TO PAY A TRANSFER FEE!?!?!?! The mistake was 100% on their end! Why should I be punished for a mistake that their employee made!?!?! I have been emailing back and forth with the leasing manager for over three weeks. During every conversation I was told that her regional would reach out to me very soon to speak about this issue. It's now been almost 3.5 weeks and no response! We have only one more week to get out of our lease without penalty...This is EXACTLY how they trap you. They screw you over, say they'll fix it with permission, never actually receive the permission, and never reach out again... Plus..in addition to all of that... Multiple appliances are corroded, there is water pouring out of the ceiling every time our upstairs neighbor uses the bathroom, and maintenance workers will pop onto your balcony at all hours...It is currently a Sunday afternoon and someone just put a ladder to my balcony, jumped onto it and started painting...No notice was given!!! This place is HORRIBLE!
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Beechs Farm Apartments Manager


I apologize for your recent experience. It is our goal to provide quality customer service so that each resident has a great living experience as we do believe in "taking care of the way people live". Please email me at [email protected] so that I can better understand your specific situation and we can work to find an acceptable resolution to ensure this does not happen again in the future.

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