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5458 Harpers Farm Road, Columbia, MD 21044
5458 Harpers Farm Road, Columbia, MD 21044

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Cedar Valley Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/13/2005
If you want timely maintenance, good customer service, and basically a good value for your money you best keep looking - do not settle on Cedar Valley. <br><br>We moved in and the staff was super helpful and friendly. The heat did not work (we moved in March 2004) and it was fixed the same day. <br><br>Once we were in, however, everything changed. It took them 3 months (us calling almost every day) to fix our toilet that would not flush properly. It took weeks to fix a severly leaking bathtub. When the guy finally did come, we were at work... He left our lights on, his tools in our closet, the door to the plumbing on the floor, and our apartment keys as well. 2 days later, he still had not returned - we inquired as to why they seemed not to care that our key was never turned in. Our response from Cathy, the property manager was "OH, WE ASSUMED YOU WERE A LOCK OUT!" Nice to know that they keep track of their residents house keys. The bedrooms are very drafty in the winter. I won't even bother calling that in because it won't get fixed.<br><br>Also, they changed the storage room lock... Never gave us a key and it was a HUGE fight to get them to get it to us so we could get our Christmas stuff out.<br><br>So, maintenance is crap... Next would be the crime problem... For the expensive Columbia rent, there has been a gunpoint hold up, cop raids, car alarms going off for what seems like hours at a time at 2 AM, vehicle vandalism (a convertible had its roof slashed and speakers and stereo stolen), and who knows what else when we AREN'T home. <br><br>Another thing you should know - the stairwells are enclosed and often smell of food (cooking or worse - OLD) and/or garbage. Sometimes that seeps into the apartment.<br><br>I'd give your money to a management company that cares. Our lease can't end soon enough. ALSO - BE WARY OF THEIR SPECIALS... The first year wasn't SOOO horrible, so we renewed. We originally signed our lease on a rent special. The rent went up WAY to much when we renewed - they definitely got us in the end... And look at the service we got this time around.
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Cedar Valley Apartments

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