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Cedar Valley Apartments



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Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2007
I moved into Cedar Valley in December '05 and left in December '06.<br><br>Good points:<br>Monthly military/police discount<br>Walking distance to schools (including a community college) and grocery shopping.<br>Commuter bus stops right out front.<br>Free gas heating/cooking.<br>Fairly soundproof.<br><br>Bad points:<br>Maintenance sucks. Took nearly 3 months to get my combo washer/dryer replaced after it died. Was replaced with a unit from another apartment that was being readied for a new tenant and didn't work very well. Maintenance workers never left entrance notices on the door (mandatory according to the lease I signed).<br>Pet rent (this is normal for all apartments in this area though).<br>Shoddy construction/upkeep. I could jump up and down on my living room floor and feel it move. Paint job was subpar. <br>Deposit return wait time is lengthy - still waiting on mine.<br>The enclosed stairwell can be a bit smelly sometimes.<br><br>The building I lived (5470) was ok as far as crime went. I never had any issues. Some of the tenants in the other buildings did look questionable. Saw the police respond a few times for unknown reasons - one time included a helicopter spot lighting the back yard areas.<br><br>I believe there is some sort of subsidized housing in the area. Saw more than a few gang-bangers wandering around - they loved to walk slow across the road to piss off drivers. The bus stop could be an intimidating place sometimes too. Was not unusual to see package store customers there drinking their purchases.<br><br>Bottom line - spend a little extra and rent a townhouse. After the rent increase for this year it only cost me an extra $75 a month to get a 3BR townhouse in East Columbia.<br><br>Piney Orchards is a good alternative to Columbia that isn't experiencing increasing crime rates.
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Cedar Valley Apartments

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