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Columbia Pointe Apartments

5764 Stevens Forest Road

Columbia, MD 21045



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Office Staff
rents-a-lot • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2005
This is the worst place I have ever lived. I was shocked that such a place even existed in Columbia. Not only are the buildings falling apart, but the maintenance staff is completely unresponsive. Trust me, spend more money elsewhere. Maintenance is the biggest issue - they are ineffective in fixing problems if you can even get them to come out to the apartment. While the office staff is nice, they are completly worthless when it comes to getting anything done. <br><br>Just some of my favorite problems:<br><br>**A gang of 30 people or so hangs out in my parking lot every night. They don't speak English but yell catcalls at me most evenings as I try to walk to my apartment. A friend's car was broken into when she was visiting me and several things were taken. This was 1 of 4 break ins that month. Do I feel safe here? Not even remotely. I lived in a ------ apartment in Beltsville with a drug truck parked on the side of the road and felt more safe.<br><br>**When I moved into my ground floor apartment, the sliding glass door did not shut. The cracker jack maintenance staff decided to put a huge bolt to hold it in place, instead of, let's say, replacing the door or at least the tracks that were problematic. Now my porch is really for decoration only. The door does not close properly and it takes me 10 minutes to get it shut and bolted if I have to open it for any reason. Additionally, they put a new washer dryer set in my apartment before I moved in. When I went to use the washer the first time, it shut off after 10 minutes. Maintenance showed up the next day and told me that they were having these problems with all the new units they bought. Wouldn't you think they would go fix them all once they realized the problem??? Not here. It took them 2 weeks to fix the machine.<br><br>**There was a gas leak in my apartment that was only detected because I fortunately had a natural gas detector. I called and left a message about it because no one answered the phone during office hours. When I got home that evening, no one from the complex had bothered to come out to look at the problem. I had a reading of 222 - which is considered highly dangerous. In fact, I now know that it was making me sick. Yet the complex felt no need to come investigate. I did finally get the situation resolved.<br><br>**The windows and stove are original to the complex - circa 1950. I can't even read the temperature settings on the stove because they've worn off. And the stove door doesn't shut correctly. I called to have this fixed, they came out, said they fixed it but it is exactly the same as it was before they came out. Still doesn't shut right.<br><br>**A week and a half ago on Saturday, water started seeping into the walls of my apartment by my window. The entire upper window sill collapsed. The next Friday they finally came out to fix it. Instead of figuring out where the leak is, they just sealed the inside of the apartment and repainted. Good luck to the next tenants.<br><br>**The apartment next door was rented out by supposedly one lady. Yet 20 or more people were always in the apartment. My friend who speaks Spanish talked to them one day and found out it was an illegal house - they rent beds by the hour so that illegal aliens who work shift work can have a place to sleep when they are not working. Oh - and you pay a portion of the overall water and sewage bill based on your apartment size, not your actual usage. I pay about $18/month for water and sewage and I'm hardly ever home, and only do 2 loads of laundry a month. I used to pay $8 a quarter (3 months). <br><br>Believe it or not, I have about 20 more horrifying stories I could tell, but you get the picture. Columbia is great, but stay away from this place.
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Columbia Pointe Apartments

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