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Hobbits Grove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/14/2005
First of all, the one good review names everyone on the management team, sounds like they know everyone a little too well to me. As in they work for the company... <br><br>Anyway, management acts nice to your face, until you need to get something fixed then its like dead air. Nothing happens! When we moved in we literally had a one inch hole in the bottom of our door that we reported to management numerous times, it took over 2 months to get fixed. I am not exaggerating, it was literally to the point I was willing to fix it myself if they would just buy that parts. Our dryer has never functioned correctly, the hose to the unit mostly just needs to be cleaned which I ended up doing myself as I was tired of waiting for them to do it. The day they were supposed to fix it, they just kind of "looked at it" literally.<br><br>The last straw was just tonight; we lost our power at about 11:00 this morning. We figured because of the high temperatures maybe there was a neighborhood brownout, but everyone else had power. It turns out it was just a simple matter of our breaker getting tripped at the main breaker building owned by avalon. So after we reported the outage to BGE, we reported it to avalon. Surprisingly they were here in a half hour or so (record for them) but they told us there was nothing they could do because BGE had locked the door. Well, once BGE showed up 10 hours later, the technician couldn't get in because it was locked, but the thing is, BGE didn't own the lock Avalon did! We had to call them back, and without telling us they simply unlocked the door. I ended up having to go into their building and flip the breaker myself!!! Ridiculous!!!!<br><br>The residents here are mostly friendly, one just has to be willing to approach and talk to the.<br><br>PS. while they've been remodeling they've left several of the appliances from apartments strewn about the grounds, such as refrigerators, for children to lock themselves in. Oh yes, and it extremely dark at night coming home, not well lit.<br><br>The new models do look nice, but to us its definetly not worth the hassle.
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Hobbits Grove Apartments

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