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8782 Cloudleap Court, Columbia, MD 21045
8782 Cloudleap Court, Columbia, MD 21045

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The Timbers at Long Reach Apartment Homes



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semma13 • Resident 2014 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/11/2017
Run. Do not walk away. This place is terrible and if I had a time machine, I'd kick myself in the head for thinking of moving to this place. If giving zero stars on this platform was possible, I would have done it. Management takes full advantage of you. You have to make sure that you get EVERY SINGLE SHRED of paperwork in writing, save it, file it, notarize it, etc. They will try every trick in the book to swindle you out of money and not give you good service or quality living community. First, the high school is very nearby and we have kids that come and smoke cannabis in the building's back stairs regularly. (The school year is starting back up again, so good luck getting them to not come in the mornings and after school). When I tried to make management aware of it, they blamed me and fined me, even though I provided pictures and called them when I heard people in the back stairway like they asked of me! When we moved in the carpets were not new, and when we complained that previous tenants stains were coming through where there is no traffic and furniture blocking, they said not to worry and I wouldn't be charged. Fast forward to now, three different property Managers later (they got rid of the entire staff twice so far) now it's another story. Well, now that I've moved out, they want to charge $900 to replace the carpet that management acknowledged was not new. I am in talks with a lawyer who says I have a case. I don't want to have to take time and money to proceed, but these people shouldn't be allowed to take advantage of people like this! And while I'm giving you all the full story, the residents here are deplorable. We have groups of people who loiter the parking lots and throw trash everywhere. They fix their cars and play loud music, and other people pull up to the building and take all the trash from their cars and throw it on the ground. Don't even get me started on the mornings after holidays! There would be so much trash I had to pick up my dogs and walk them over to the grass because there was broken glass and bottles, food wrappers and general trash left everywhere. Management is in total denial about this. Don't try and ask them to fix things because they get really upset at that they turn on you. I have a neighbor who has a developmentally disabled child and they are very rude to him and they fine the family of the kid! Who does these things?!?!
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The Timbers at Long Reach Apartment Homes

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