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The Timbers at Long Reach Apartment Homes

8782 Cloudleap Court

Columbia, MD 21045



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
This complex recently changed its name to The Timbers at Long Reach. When it was Lazy Hollow, AIMCO decided rent would no longer be paid in person, only on line and after the last time I was charged a fee for paying by check, I set up my debit card and paid automatically. When the name changed to The Timbers, AIMCO no longer receives your rent by the bankcard, but they did not announce this. Therefore, my rent which was paid early was rejected as "account not found". And the complex charged a fee. Tried this 3 times and the fee was charged one of them being a Non Sufficient Funds fee. I went to talk to ------, who said sweetly "Oh I'm sorry, but we don't refund fees. You can appeal to your bank and get the fees back." Well my bank said that there was no attempt to withdraw the money and the funds were still there 3 weeks later. I had to figure out that AIMCO now wants your actual checking information- routing and check account number. Oh yeah- now The Timbers WILL accept your debit card over the phone, but of course you pay a $35 convenience fee to pay them rent!------ could have told me that, but she did not. So, the bank was not responsible. I had to pay over $100 in fees and then a week later, pay rent again. Needless to say, my budget is all shot for other stuff I would have paid with the next pay check (telephone, gas, cable). No apologies and no refund of fees from The Timbers. Bank is not at fault. AIMCO should refund the fees as they failed to announce the change in policy and their management obviously did not know, so I am not holding ------ responsible. However, she could have admitted this and not ducked (avoided) my follow up phone call and email on the matter. I have seen 2 baby mice in my place which is horrifying and when I finally got hold of ---- in person(voice mail does not allow message and emergency response answering call does not view rodent infestation as an "emergency" per their list of emergencies and management not helpful), he was extremely responsive and I never saw the mice again with his methods. Now there is a cockroach infestation (ewww!). ---- immediately gave me a couple of glue traps and said he would put me on the extermination list. That's great- except that extermination fees are included in the rent and I am surprised that this complex has never come out to spray knowing these apartments have roaches. I am just beginning to see them after about a year of living here, so this is a real surprise. I am confident that ---- can work his usual magic and this problem will disappear as well. Other minor problems- tub faucet continues to run and rust around the tub faucet. Tub needs to be re-glazed. Door needs weather strip to keep spiders and drafts out. Vertical blinds rusty, so pull chain does not work well. Hedges in front of patio need trimming. Notwithstanding, the complex is pretty, quiet and close to shopping.
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The Timbers at Long Reach Apartment Homes

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