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Apartments at Iron Ridge

2950 Stone Gate Boulevard

Elkton, MD 21921



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Office Staff
jjkobeski • Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
When we first arrived at Iron Ridge, the community seemed great and the office staff seemed polite and competent. By the time we recently moved out, there had been major issues at Iron Ridge that would definitely make us choose not to live there again based on the information we now know. <br><br>Most importantly, there were issues with maintenance staff stealing items of value and money from tenants’ apartments to support their drug habits. Unfortunately, management failed to do anything about this other than quietly terminating these individuals. Locks were not changed and notices were not given for tenants to check for possible losses. Now, these former maintenance staff may still hold master keys to Iron Ridge, granting them access to all apartments.<br><br>In terms of maintenance issues dealing with actual maintenance, the quality of work accomplished was shoddy and often incomplete. Many times, numerous phone calls were required to initiate a repair or to have a project completed. <br><br>Overall, the amenities of our apartment were acceptable. However, for such new construction, we were highly disappointed with the quality of the construction, including the lack of insulation, malfunctioning windows, and drafts that often entered the apartment. <br><br>The gym is pretty subpar when compared to gyms of other apartment communities. It is small and there is no access to bathrooms/locker rooms when the office is closed. Also, many pieces of the gym equipment were often broken or missing parts needed for proper use. In fact, the stationary bike was broken for then entire three years we lived at Iron Ridge. There are no televisions in the gym either, which seems a little behind the times. <br><br>The office personnel, especially the manager, is very unhelpful and rude. She spends her days complaining about tenants and spreading gossip about tenants’ personal lives. Following the termination of our tenancy, we had to argue with Iron Ridge to receive our deposit and argue even more to receive the interest that had accrued on our deposit to which we were entitled pursuant to Maryland Law. During this time, the two-faced nature of the manager became apparent through her unprofessional conduct, derogatory language, and general incompetency with simple matters such as arithmetic. She even refused to provide the contact information of her supervisors when asked after we were tired of dealing with her nonsense. <br><br>There are many residents who keep pets, and specficially dogs, at Iron Ridge. If you choose to live at Iron Ridge, be prepared to watch your step if you ever leave the sidewalks since many residents fail to clean up their animals' waste. The office staff, including the manager of Iron Ridge, were slow to respond to numerous requests that something be done to enforce the provision of each tenant's lease that animal waste be cleaned up. <br><br>We would definitely not recommend the Apartments at Iron Ridge to anyone based solely on the fact that tenants must deal with the nonsense and abusive nature of the property manager. Furthermore, based on the increasing prices of rent at Iron Ridge, much better amenities are available at nearby apartment communities for comparable rent.
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Apartments at Iron Ridge

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