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Meadows at Elk Creek



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Usuallynotacomplainer • Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/10/2013
I would not recommend this community to anyone that had any other option. We live on a ground floor apartment and are on our second year of our 2 year lease. The first year thing were pretty smooth. but this second year is enough that we are considering taking the management group to court. My husband and kids are ALWAYS sick since moving in here... we couldn't figure out why since they are pretty healthy. Turns out we had MUSHROOMS growing in our hallway under the carpet, the windows and patio door had black and green mold growing around it that I had to clean and bleach on a weekly basis. There is mold on the walls in the closets and on the outside walls of the bedrooms and our bathroom floor is rotting. They came to fix the floor around the toilet since it was sinking through the floor and said "We cut out a 4x4 area around the toilet so it's secure. The whole floor should really come up and be replaced, but we don't really feel like doing all that right now". Currently there are stray cats stuck in the crawlspace under our apartment and the 4 units on the main floor smell like cat urine. Our washing machine was overflowing. Maintenance came out, didn't really look at the washing machine to begin with and told me I was doing laundry wrong and that was the reason for the overflow. I argued but gave in. They didn't help cleanup or air out the pantry and kitchen that flooded. After destroying several towels from the cleanup, it happened again about a week later. The second time maintenance came out they admitted that they didn't really look at the machine the first time and just assumed it was a user error but a level in the maching was in fact definitely broken. they swapped out the broken washing machine for a model about 5 years older and smelled like mildew -- our pantry and kitchen floor started bowing from the water damage... the management company didn't seem to care. Our stove/oven broke down and it took someone three days to come look at it. The list goes on and on. They are quick to talk, but slow to do anything about any issues.
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Meadows at Elk Creek

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