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Charleston Place



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DONALDSONGROUPISABIGFATJOKE • Resident 1998 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I have lived in the community through 3 owners now. My lease expires in May and if I were renewing would be my tenth year. It is unfortunate to see what has happened with this community. My most recent problem is the water overflowing behind my washer and dryer from the apartments above me. At least twice a week I am cleaning someone elses dirty landry water from my kitchen floor! 2 months this has been going on and when i call they act like it is the first time they have heard about it but they do nothing about it. I have called emergency maintenance on occasion and did not receive a response. the last time it overflowed the intelligent girl that answered the phone told me to turn the water off. HAHAH I love that! Then i was told that because i was calling at 5:55 pm that i should have called earlier that there was nothing they could do about now as they were closing. (Maybe i should have asked my upstairs neighbors to do their laundry a little earlier in the day to convenience the staff). I do not think it is a maintenance problem i think that when you call the office it goes no further then the phone call. After 2 months and a lot of dirty towels i finally contacted the health department, guess what, they fixed my plumbing! Nobody in the leasing office is held responsible for anything and when you have to call several times to get something done they make it seem like you are putting them out! I am sad to leave my apartment this year but i can no longer tolerate the complete ignorance of this office staff and they dont really care if you stay anyway, they can always re rent your apartment! You would think with the property for sale they would do a little better to keep residents. I have contacted many lawyers and authorities in housing and will be going out with a bang! <br>Here is a note about the snow removal, when it snowed on February 14 the sidewalk to from the front door to the parking lot was shoveled at approx 10am, the same time the parking lot was cleared(not the lot just the driving space) The sidewalks and parking spaces were NEVER CLEARED. I am assuming that so many people fell and hurt themselves that on February 21 maintenance finally cleared the sidewalks! How nice of them it was only 51 degrees that day and most has melted! As for the parking lot. We had about 8 inches of ice in the parking spaces until it melted! Makes it hard when you only have a walkway to the parking lot and then have to tread through ice to get to your car! My neighbor an older lady with a bad back broke her foot from falling in the parking lot. I HOPE SHE SUES THE PANTS OFF OF THE DONALDSON GROUP. Here is another tidbit for all of you looking to move. Maintenance will just pop into your apartment to inspect it without giving you notice first! I know that per the lease they do not have to but while showering last week i found out that maintenance was inspecting me apartment, unannounced! Most places will give you some notice if they are just coming in to look around so this makes you wonder, what are they looking for, WHAT ARE THEY UP TO? I cant say anything nice other then i do have a roof over my head but that roof costs an awful lot of money to stay there. The only way this place could be worse is if they shut the water, sewer and electric down! and about the noise. I can hear my neighbors when they chop food on the counter top so can you imagine the other things i hear?
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Charleston Place

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