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1114 Tace Drive, Essex, MD 21221
1114 Tace Drive, Essex, MD 21221

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Foxridge Townhomes

1114 Tace Drive

Essex, MD 21221



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Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/14/2016
This was my worse renting experience ever. For the price you pay its not worth it. They did weekly lawn inspections and if your lawn wasn't cut or trimmed to their liking they'd leave a note on your door threatening to cut and trim it for you at a rate of $60 a cut. I had cut my lawn 4 days prior to inspection, and still got a note saying my grass was too high. I then called to ask what was wrong with my lawn and they said it was too high. I asked if someone could come out while I'm home to show me what they was referring to because like I said I just finished cutting it but of course no one showed. But the final straw for me was when my home was broken into and my basement window was burst completely out, which I'm not blaming on them. But once the police left I told the rental office they sent out a maintenance man hours later, who placed a wooden board in my window but didn't secure it by nailing it or anything he just leaned it against the trim and said he'll have the materials for replacing the window tomorrow. I then asked if he was planning on securing the board with nails or something. He said sure I have to go grab some tools I'll be back. This was at 9pm. A few hours past, and it was approaching 12 midnight and I realized he wasn't returning. So me and my wife who were already a bit shaken up by the fact that someone had broke into our home earlier, definitely didn't feel comfortable about sleeping there that night with our two small children and a unsecured window. So we're forced to drive somewhere at midnight to sleep elsewhere. a month later our window was cracked again and we decided we had to move. It's a horrible feeling to not feel comfortable in your own home. We did leave before our lease was up but our family safety was most important. Keep in mind the rental office knew about everything that happened because we had filed a police report each time. However they still sued us for breaking our lease and I'm currently paying them $200 a month. They sued for $3500 saying we left stuff in the house broke the lease and court cost.
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Foxridge Townhomes

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