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Gateway Townhouses



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Concerned1808 • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/30/2013
When I first moved in I was so happy because it was affordable, spacious and located to shopping centers with everything in them. Soon after we moved in we noticed mice and everyone has them because I spoke with the neighbors! It's terrible and its am infestation they get in through wholes that are not sealed up. Next a squirrel got in my vent and the matienece man went on to tell me it's impossible for them to get up there, I seen its fury tail hanging down and when my fianc and his friend tried to remove it, it spit something down. Oh and if things couldn't get any worse there's a bus stop located pretty close to gateway and my fianc had to ride the bus while his car was getting fixed and on his way coming from the bus stop to our home at about 7:00pm he was ROBBED AT GUNPOINT!!! So all the people who are writing those excellent reviews definitely work there, it's so ------ out there and I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to live in the ------, I grew up around that kind of thing and the plan is not to ever have to live like that again!!!! Save yourself
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Gateway Townhouses

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