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Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2013
Well I just moved in only a week ago, but my experience thus far is that you get what you pay for and it's what you make of your home. For the price I pay, I wasn't expecting grandure...lol, but I did atleast expect the unit to have been cleaned. No coat of fresh paint and nothing was wiped clean. It was quite a rude awakening. The second day I was there I tried to use the so called up dated kitchen and dishwasher and not only did it not work it flooded the whole kitchen. 3rd day- tried to use the oven,it wasn't working. Nothing had been checked to see if it was in working condition before renting it out. There were dead bugs in all the kitchen cabinets and what I can only describe as muck all over the stove, stained counter tops, fridge and cabinets (inside and out). They have not come out once about the stove or the dishwasher so far and I've called everyday. Honestly though, I've already scrubbed the place down. If they would just fix those two things, I think I can stick it out until I get into a house. I lost everything a yr ago and had to start from scratch literally,if you can get past a little b/s then it's a great starter apt, something til you get back on your feet again. Long term??? no, I can't see that happening.
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