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Lerner Surrey Square

6024 Surrey Square Lane Suite 103

Forestville, MD 20747



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activelyseeking • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/14/2005
I am currently a resident of this property. I am utterly appalled w/ the service I have received thus far. Here is a small laundry list of issues I have been experiencing within the time I have been here. I am only staying for the duration of my lease, and I am running like....<br><br>Management sucks, there have been at least 4 management shifts w/ in 1 years. Maintenance is deplorable. My front door has been inoperable for the majority of the time I have resided here, the lock was so poorly installed, that it fell out in my hand when I attempted to unlock the door. There would be times that I was unable to leave my unit - due to the safety hazard this would impose. I was without heat for 4 days, when the outside temperature was below 10 degrees - when calling the maintenance telephone number, I was told that I would receive a return call. After 10 calls, maintenance informed me that they would come and take a look at the heating unit in the morning. I was forced to up-root my family to a hotel for an entire week before the unit was repaired. In addition, I was compensated for expenses incurred. There is poor workmanship throughout the unit. The appliances are completely outdated, and are not completely reliable. Instead of replacing gas stoves, the uncertified, inexperienced maintenance personnel "experiment" with repairing the appliances and then send a different "repaired" stove to your unit. I have seen in the basement of the rental office, an area that has just old stoves, and maintenance staffers tinkering w/ them.<br><br>Trash cans are located in one centralized location which is on the far end of the community. Management will rummage thru trash and send you copies of your mail or anything with you name on it and assess a fee to your account.<br><br>Towing is ridiculous. The towing company tows your vehicle and has no premise in doing so. They will create a cockamamie story just so that you will have to pay the exorbitant amount to retrieve your vehicle.<br><br>Safety... They call themselves a "gated" community. Well, they didn't lie, there is a huge gate around the community. But they neglected to mention that there are large holes that a 300lb person can walk thru. Not to mention there was a double homicide in front of one of the buildings this past winter. You are supposed to use a key card or the gate phone to gain access to the property. However, the gate is always open, and when the gate is down, the telephone doesn't work so that you can ring in your guests.<br><br>There are a few positives to this community. The apartments are large and spacious, and well designed. If maintenance will do their job in preserving the units - they would have a lower turn-over rate. <br><br>The grounds keeper does an excellent job in keeping the grounds immaculate - which will sell you on the property. He is outside every morning cleaning and beautifying the community. If all the staff took their job as seriously as he did, this would be an outstanding community.<br><br>If I were you, DONT MOVE HERE!!! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!<br>
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Lerner Surrey Square

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