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Glen Rock Landing

2428 Corning Avenue

Fort Washington, MD 20744



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
I too have been on this site and read the comments others have posted, but I believe in giving folks the benefit of the doubt. I may have to rethink that. Don't get me wrong the staff that I dealt with were excellent in the office, but the rest, well read on. I moved in here just last month, and already have problems. I had an old fridge and was told that a new one has been ordered for me. This was back in November. I got a fridge today after many pressing phone calls about. I was informed that the holidays take the orders a longer period of time. The one I received today is worst then the old, moldy, rusty fridge I preciously owned. First it isn't new (no manuels, no tags, bottom of panel inside was dirty, smell awful), and it is infested with brown sluggish looking bugs. I called and asked if this fridge came out of storage I was told no, yet it smells like old fish and it has many eggs of the bugs mentioned above and some black flea looking things. I am so disappointed words cannot even describe it. I am very patient and overlook a lot of things, but this no. They came to look at my dishwasher, since it doesn't run; mainteance said that the motor it dead or something to that effect. He said that they have dish washers so I should have one the next day, along with my screen for my dryer and a fridge if my name was on the list. I informed him when I was told the order was placed, and he said yes I should be on there. Okay he doesn't work the books, that understandable, but what happens next is me being taken on a ride. I am not stupid. If there wasn't enough ordered fine, but don't go finding me anything to make the phone calls stop. I am so tired of this place because of the mainteance service I am getting. I am not going to renew a lease with continue of this type of service. I wanted a frige not a health code violation. I have a small child and this is not even right for anyone. I am about to pay rent for an apartment that doesn't have a working fridge, can't use my dryer since the screen is missing inside (tried that but my clothes come out with all the lint from the clothes, so I end up washing it again) and of course the fridge. I hope the property manager does read this, because I was feeling great about this place, but within a month I am ready to leave. The bug infested fridge was the icing on the cake to me. I guess getting the rent at the end of the month is more important then upholding morals and standards. Well while you get your rent, my child and I are leaving out a cooler that is the size of a handbag. To you this seems okay, but deliberatly endanger my health, but more importantly my son's health is not OKAY!!
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Glen Rock Landing

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