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100 Old MacDonald Road

Gaithersburg, MD 20877



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metroapartmentsguy • Resident 2014 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2016
Lived here for just up to 4 years now. This neighborhood has gone downhill since I have moved in here but I remain out of sheer laziness of not wanting to move. The buildings are showing of their age but management has done one of two things over the years to keep the exterior of the buidings asthetic rather than fixing the things like all the cracks in the concrete to the stairs and replacing the burnt out exterior lighting. The apartments are dated at best (popcorn ceiling, super cheap bargain basement carpeting) very difficult to insulate during the summer and winter so expect your heating and cooling bills to be on the high side (circa 130 a month to keep it at 72 in the summer). Apartment noise is average for what you would expect for an older apartment but if you live closer to the midcounty side you will get to enjoy all the traffic noise including the cars that think it is a racetrack Also since the neighborhood is littered with work trucks of all kinds you'll also enjoy the loud exhausts of all the guys coming to meet every morning. Its my least favorite thing but the neighborhood has done little to limit exterior parking except try to upsell you with reserved parking (this is not a joke). Parking gets pretty tight later in the evening which probably wouldnt be a problem if they had a more sensical system for it (and then they wouldnt need to try to make you pay for parking). The pool can also get a bit loud as they dont seem to ask residents to have common decency of blasting their music for their own family. This can get extremely annoying if you work from home in the late afternoon. Pest control is a yearly issue as it seems like I have to make a call for ants every year and the complex took about 3 weeks to get someone out there as they have some rotational schedule. Garbage and recycling facilites are poorly kept and a constant eyesore. Its not abnormal to have them block off the garbage dumpster. The recycling also fills up fairly quickly and then just becomes a dump spot in, around, and all over the fenced off dumpster area. The neighborhood is pretty much what you would expect of a high rotation apartment complex. I see police vehicles present pretty much monthly for whatever reason so read into that as you will. I have definitely smelled the scent of marijuana a couple of times which I dont have a problem with myself but you might want to take note if you have children (also kids tend to use the end of the neighbood to come hotbox in their cars). Maintenance is alright but will straight up fix anything and everything as cheaply and jerry rigged as possible. Ive complained about my electrical sockets not being adhered to the wall properly and they told me it was fine. After one of the buildings burned down (March 2019) they have ever so slowly went about starting to repair the building but it remains an eyesore as it is still in the demolition phase. The management team is meh at best (except Angie as she is good people). The old property manager (Carly) moved on a couple of months ago and it seems like the new manager doesnt appear as involved as the older one. You can certainly expect warnings about grills on decks though, but thats probably necessary in this neighborhood as there have been two fires in the past 2 years. From residents Ive spoke to that have moved in after I did you can expect the super duper friendly experience until you sign your lease and then the quality changes fairly drastically. Packages are usually delivered to the leasing office and it can be a bit of a pain to get a package if you work odd hours but they are atleast locked up which I can appreciate (though only because packages were going missing). The grounds are kept up decently as they do have mowing company (though I did have a bad experience where one of them damaged the front of my car with a weedwacker and they pretty much told me to pound sand). People seem let their dogs potty everywhere and theres been an outstanding issue with the bins being emptied (which is probably the root of the problem) so I wouldnt go running around in the grass. Comcast seems to be the only decent service provider as FIOS is not available in this neighborhood (and comast is comcast so yeah). All in all for what sayebrook is asking for an apartment these days I will recommend you pass up this neighborhood and look elsewhere. Until they actually invest money, time, effort into dealing with some of the issues above I'd recommend you keep on truckin and rent elsewhere.
Saybrooke Manager01/05/2016

I am sorry that you feel like our level of customer service has not met your expectations and I appreciate your comments. You stated that you have had some concerns regarding the appliances/water heater not working properly. When these issues arise, please contact the management office so that we can have maintenance repair them back to proper working condition. Unless it is reported, we are not aware. Please keep in mind that we do offer an upgrade program that includes, new appliances, refinished countertops and painted cabinetry. I would like to meet with you to address your concerns and hopefully be able to offer a resolution. Please contact me at the management office to discuss in greater detail. I can be reached at 301-417-9177. Vencenza Harris Community DIrector

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