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100 Old MacDonald Road

Gaithersburg, MD 20877



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/24/2016
When I first moved here in 2014 I looked at various complexes throughout Gaithersburg. Decided Saybrooke was the choice for me. It wasn't as lush as the new complexes, but I felt the trade off for more space was worth it. The apartments that were lower in price had a few complaints about pests or utility fraud or required payment for parking, which deterred me from moving there. After two years here, I am a little dissatisfied as I see the rent going up. First, many of the appliances appear to be from when the complex was constructed (in the 90's). My refrigerator stopped working, it required three work orders for them to finally replace it. Loads of spoiled food had to be thrown out in the meantime. When I placed a work order for mold growing around windows, they only repaired one. There are other issues in the construction and the functionality of the appliances that need to be addressed, but I feel like only a quick fix will be applied to it (complained twice about my washing machine not rotating-- when will I get one that works?). I think management needs to recognize that they should replace and update more if they wish to keep inflating the rent (for instance, my bathroom floor is so warped if you move the scale it will give you a new weight each time, the sink is so swollen the particle board underneath now is exposed and splinters on clothing). I would gladly deal around renovations, but I think they only address them once tenants move out (as evident by the old sink I just walked by in a newly vacated apartment this evening), so do keep in mind you will be living with what you tour if you intend to stay longer than what you originally lease for -- ask for repairs to be done before moving in (it was my first time renting from a management company versus a home owner). The ceilings are thin. With the right neighbors it is unnoticeable, but boy, with the wrong ones, it is torturous. Since my new neighbors moved in, I can hear each time they move throughout their apartment, something I can accept. What I cannot accept is their rambunctious kid. Each day there is a series of loud rough housing and thumping coming from above. So if you intend to move here and have non-traditional work hours or prefer peace and quiet, do ask who is leasing above you (I do not seem to notice the tenants next or below me). The good: plenty of free parking, staff is friendly, landscape is kept nice, haven't noticed any criminal issues. Milestone Management does need to research the development of Gaithersburg a bit more. There are many newer complexes being built (Gaithersburg Station, Cedar Courts, Crown Farm, Highland Square, Paramount 355, and a brand the new one currently in construction at the Wye site). With their rents raising and the quality of living not improving, they are closing the gap on the difference in pricing here, in the run down apartments, and the plethora of nice, new complexes. Either be more proactive with upgrading and maintenance or stop raising the rent because at this point I will be weighing my options before I sign a new lease.
Saybrooke Manager06/01/2016

I so appreciate your feed back and your suggestions will be taken into consideration. I would like to sit down with you and discuss the maintenance requests in greater detail. I want to make sure that you enjoy your home at Saybrooke and that repairs are taken care of in a timely manner. I apologize that we have failed to meet your expectations and would like the opportunity to provide a higher level of customer service to you. Please contact me at the management office at 301-417-9177. Vencenza Harris Community Director

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