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100 Old MacDonald Road

Gaithersburg, MD 20877



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GazaMan124 • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/22/2017
Lets see! where to begin.... I was a resident for 2 years or so, it started off fine and ended with us being very happy we paid for such nonsense. 1. They took away one of the dumpster to throw out recycling. We had 2 in the beginning, they reduced to one medium sized for the whole community. My guess is that was cheaper. I noticed when the dumpsters got to full the maintenance guys would just throw out what would not fit. 2. It was almost impossible to get them to come and fix problems with my unit. I would call numerous times before they would finally send someone. A minimum of 3 times and finally they would show up after I had to get down right nasty on the phone. They never fixed all the problems like mold around the window sills I made note of when I first moved in. I finally got tired of asking the to do so and just left it, it was there till the day I moved out. If you have children make sure their beds are not near the windows! 3. The apartment was said to be newly updated/renovated! I find that extremely hard to believe, they were all old and dated. I would think for a selling point to be NEW than stuff like that should be clearly noticeable and not look like the 30 year old appliances I had in my home growing up. 4. My pantry door fell off once a week. They actually fixed it numerous times, and to no fail it would still come off the track. After the 2nd time I just left it off the remainder of my lease and stored it in the laundry room. 5. I was sleeping in the master bedroom, it was a windy night. I heard a loud crash and woke up to the whole window frame on the edge of the bed. The wind had blown it in. If the bed was faced the other way it could have landed on my head! Newly renovated huh? 6.The rent mysteriously went up after our first year. This would be fine, but I had never seen any upgrades after the day I moved in. 7. The management staff is extremely rude. Angie and Jamaica were great. Viccenta and Carley not so much. My Girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer! We were trying to discuss our options and what we were going to do. The manager showed no compassion and said "Well I have a job to do"! This is the main reason for my review! No one should ever act like that. The lovely lady has kids of her own and we asked her that? She still has a job to do tho right? 8.The gym is advertised as 24 hours. wit 52 inch tvs. Sounds real nice right? Nothing ever works in there. The FOB was broken before we even moved in. They said it was getting fixed, never did. I think I used the gym maybe once. I like to workout at night, this was not possible. 11. Another major issue and main reason for this horrible review! My heat stopped working in the middle of winter. It was the weekend so maintenance was not here. They told me to get a space heater. That it was also not their obligation it was stated in the contract. I woke up sick in my bed and asked them to put my up in a hotel until they could get the problem fixed. I WARN YOU! be careful, i would think even though it is not in contract as people they would still care that we were literally freezing in our own home. Getting no relief they pretty much said this is your problem. I told them the thermostat was bad and needed to be replaced. They came 2 or 3 times to assess the problem, the guy even brought a witness to say I saw him fix it. All i know is we still did not have heat! So how was it fixed if the only problem is that I am freezing. Just replace the equipment already and I would leave you alone. Slumlords do not want to shell out anything if they dont have to! 12. They could never find it in them to address my issues, but were very quick to try and fine me for stupid things on the balcony like a spare tire, or x mas decorations. I saw many people with the same things on their balconies for months. I guess because I always had an issue with them since day one, they played favorites. 13. They never respected our wishes! I have lots of film equipment I told them I would prefer if they would not come into my home if we are not home. We would setup times for maintenance. They would never show and then come in when ever was convenient for them. ANDDD FINALLY 14. The dishwasher never worked the 2 years we were here. There was no point even putting the dishes in, we used it more so as a drying rack! They came a few times after months and claimed it was fixed. Just like the heat and anything else we ever needed. All i know is nothing ever seemed better. Im not sure if the guys are incompetent or if management tells them cut costs where you can. Either way, not a good feeling to go through. There are so many places to live. We could not get out of there fast enough. I work too hard for my money to waste it on a nice cover of a place to live, until you sign the lease and they instantly put you out of their mind! I normally would not have such ill feelings, but I just thought the world should know before they take the plunge! -Unsatisfied resident !
Saybrooke Manager12/05/2017

Thanks for reaching out to us. I understand that you've moved out. Let me know if there are pending concerns, I can help you with. You can reach me at [email protected] It would be helpful, if you would please refer to this review and the apartment name in the subject line or body of the email so we can expedite our response. We wish you well.

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