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The Gateway Apartments

925 Clopper Road

Gaithersburg, MD 20878



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
Parking - More than enough parking spaces, which is great, except our lot is used by morning comuters who want to vanpool or hop on a bus to the nearest metro stop. People milling around the parking lot from 6-7 and again from 5-6 every day.<br><br>Noise Level - The train tracks I can deal with, I knew they were there when I moved in, but the upstairs neighbors DO NOT sleep. 24/7 you can hear them walking around, ceilings and walls are paper thin, I've had four seperate neighbors next to me since February, none of which have last more than 6 weeks, so noise from that direction hasn't been a problem.<br><br>Grounds - Nothing special. No dumpsters, and the cans are fairly well hidden, but you can always tell when trash has been picked up by the trail of refuse leading from the fenced areas to the parking lot<br><br>Safety - Security patrol is mostly non-existant, I've noticed one guy that does seem to be having a good time flying around on his atv though. Outside and laundry room lighting have been out a few times.<br><br>Maintenance - A laugh or cry situation. A few months ago, the three story tall drain spout fell across our balcony, and was even blocking the main entrance to the building. It took three days before this was fixed. They didn't even nail it back in place, it was just pushed back into position and rebalanced. Roaches are a problem, caused by the above mentioned neighbors. You can't get through to maintanence, it's always a messenging service somewhere offsite who really don't appear to care what's going on) and calls aren't returned anyway. <br><br>Construction - A few problems with the plumbing, which I suppose can be expected in any large community. The sink falling apart was a bit of a surprise though.<br><br>Office Staff - Have been great... when I go in person.<br><br>Overall, I know there are much worse places to live, but for 1000 bucks a month and barely over 700 square feet, I expected a little more.
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The Gateway Apartments

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