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The Beacon at Waugh Chapel

1433 South Main Chapel Way

Gambrills, MD 21054



Resident · 2015 - 2017
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So, my husband and I moved into the Beacon in February 2015. My husband was pleased with the space, and over all is sad to have to leave it behind us as we move overseas. He feels the management company is quite good at what they do. The location is what really makes the property so well remembered for him, and the maintenance staff was phenomenal - they never made us feel as if we were inconveniencing them when we called them for an issue. The price for the space was a little lopsided. We installed our own ceiling fans mostly due to the fact with the way the kitchen and windows were set up, if you didn't have the windows wide open and the fans on when you cooked there was a pretty high chance you would set off the fire alarms. Awesome that they are so sensitive, less awesome when you first move in and have no idea that will happen. The add-ons to the rent were actually fair, pet rent is an additional 50 dollars and when you've got two cats that evens out nicely, storage was 60 and for us indispensable as we've got a household and a half's worth of things (one of the joys of moving a lot overseas and back). We considered a garage, but that rent was just too high for a single space to put a car in. Our property management team changed twice I believe during our two years at the Beacon. I quite liked our first team and the last was - they were a bit awkward to speak to? I always felt a little judged, when I spoke to them one on one. For military E-4 and below - this will push your BAH, so maybe try a different property or get a roommate you really like. We can't speak to a split lease so that's something to research. It is also frustrating to get the management team to work with you on the 30 days notice for a PCS, they need your orders and this can get hairy when orders or late or come wrong and you don't have an extension on your RNLTD. A notification of assignment will not be accepted for the 30 days notice keep that in mind if this is your first time in Maryland for an assignment. It was frustrating for us specifically because we had trouble with the TMO shipment dates and ended up going beyond our intended move out - but did in fact inform the management team the moment the issue came to us.We were worried we'd have no time to clean, it was implied that it would be more convenient for them if we left the same day we were moved - and you need to make sure the apartment goes back to them as close as humanly possible to the way you got it. The list of charges for an uncleaned/damaged apartment were kind of intense. More intense to me than that of a military property. Blake did work with us to extend two days beyond our original move out date but it was just a tense and thankfully short period of time where it was schrodingers move out date. That particular interaction didn't sit well with my husband. To speak to the noise - we didn't have a problem? We often heard our upstairs neighbor's child and/or pet but other than that there wasn't any issue for us in that respect. On the weekends people got rowdy - it's a weekend, it happens. I've had more problems with noise in shared military housing than we did here. I can't really pinpoint what soured the property for me, I loved Willie and his maintenance team, the location was perfect for us - just something makes me really happy to leave it behind. And not in the traditional new adventure excitement way. All in all the Beacon was a good temporary home for us, but I don't think we'll be going back when we return from our current assignment.
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The Beacon at Waugh Chapel

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