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The Beacon at Waugh Chapel

1433 South Main Chapel Way

Gambrills, MD 21054



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
I have a love hate relationship with with place but I'm not supper happy. I really wanted to wait to I move out before I write this review but I feel this needs to get out now so other people will not have to deal with what I am! Let's start with the good things! This apartment has a great staff everyone is very nice and will say hello to you all the time. Maintenance team is amazing and will address any and all issues. They have monthly events for residents, a club house, pool, gym all nice things. This place is nice on the outside, but there is a lot of issues that you won't see to you live here for a while! My issues begin the first day we moved in! Me and my fiancé spent the day moving our crap in then went out to dinner to come back to our new home to see someone smashed a hot pocket all over our front door! That should of been a sign.... So what are the issues here! It is noise and inconsiderate butthole neighbors. From the beginning I've had a issues with people playing loud music, the people above me running around at all times of the day. Random people knocking on my door at 8:30 am on a Saturday asking them if I can help move something. I've contacted management and they basically told me quiet time hours are 10pm to 8 am and if it is not between these hours nothing can be done about it. But when I told them it was happening between these hours they said they would do something and write the person an email. But even after they tell me that these things do not stop. There is still always some kind of music or someone stomping around or someone making some kind of damn noise 24/7 around here! Really we have not been able to sleep in for months now on the weekend (our days off) because like clock work the person who lives above me does their house cleaning at like 8 am on Saturdays. We will hear the vacuum cleaner nice and early. Once again if it is not quit time there is nothing that can be done. So basically our designated sleeping times is now 10pm -8am. This is just bad. You can't have your windows open here for many reasons. I have a smoker in the unit below me an anytime my windows are open my whole apartment will fill up with cigarette smoke. Other reason I can't have my windows open is because of loud people in the parking lot at all hours of the night. So if you plan on moving here and are the kind of person who likes to have your windows open when you sleep you won't be able to due to this! I feel this place needs security but they do not have any. I have witnessed at least 3 fights in our parking lot (I have a video of one of them message me I'll send it). They claim they do background checks on everyone here but I witnessed a raid by the FBI once! That was very scary. http://m.wbaltv.com/news/fbi-agents-raid-apartment-in-gambrills/34693562 We pay a lot of money to live here over $1750 a month plus $25 for trash removal (Utilities not included) It is not worth it at all (we only have like 800 square feet). They claim this is a luxury community. But I am starting to question that, because there is some really worthless people living here (some are extremely ------ and you would think they should be living in downtown Baltimore not here). Right now we are waiting for our lease to expire so we can get the hell out of here! If we could break our lease without any consequences we would. Remember it is a nice place, and we don't hate it. Just between all loud music and loud neighbors, People smoking it's just not worth what we are paying (really we look around around and found some houses that cost about half of what we are paying now) . If it was cheaper that maybe a different story. This just not working for us! We will live out the rest of our lease and enjoy all the things they have to offer, but once our lease is up we are out of here! We will be getting a house after this! We can't deal with other people around us anymore and the constant asinine B.S. of apartment living! Good luck on your search for a place to live!
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The Beacon at Waugh Chapel Manager


Dear Resident, Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience at The Beacon at Waugh Chapel. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction and would be more than happy to discuss your concerns in further detail. Please feel free to contact me at 410-721-2760. Lauren Y. Property Manager

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The Beacon at Waugh Chapel

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