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piyush • Resident 2001 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
I just finally quit after about 5 years of stay . The place is o.k. and I had a very good view but the problem is the leasing staff, whose lack of professionalism I discovered only recently. If I were to run the business, I would have fired several people there by now. Following is evidence of their attitude..<br>1. I was on month to month and they offered me a one year lease renewal at a rate that was too high to be real. So I went to check and the leasing person is asking me what kind of apt I am in, shouldn't they be knowing this up front at the time of preparing the lease? They said they prepared thinking that I had been living in a 2 bedroom apt, how ridiculous is this !<br>2. The main reason I was trying to relocate is the guy downstairs was smoking a lot so I asked them if I could move internally. Initially, a nice guy working in the leasing office showed me all the available apartments and said I can pick and put on hold and it should not be a problem, he is the only reasonable guy there (forgot his name). But then he came back with an apologetic face that his manager says they don't allow people to move internally, I can only renew at my current place, does this make any sense to anyone from a business perspective? Isn't it plain foolishness not to allow residents to relocate, particularly when they have not asked for relocation in 5 years and have a genuine reason to do so (without reducing rent)?<br>3. They slapped me $95.00 for having grease in kitchen and bathroom floors. The tiles have been so bad that they had been coming off during my stay and when I complained, they applied patchwork instead of replacing them. Not one thing has been replaced - no carpet cleaning, no nothing for 5 years and they expect everything to be in perfect condition when you leave. I had been cleaning for 10 continuous hours on the last day and the result is you get charged for something that needs replacement anyway (because of the 5 years of wear and tear) because no new resident is going to accept it.<br>Conclusion is that these guys don't have business sense, they have no sense of what a customer means to a business. They need to learn fast otherwise they will continue to lose business from current and future residents. To the top management who owns the place, you need to act fast and cleanup the mess !!
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Milestone Apartment Homes

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