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Park Glen Apartments



Resident · 2000 - 2008
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Office Staff
The staff here at Park Glen are wonderful people. They are all very friendly and remarkably remember your name even if you have spoken with them only a few times. If there is something that needs to be tended to in your apartment, you will 9 times out of 10 have whatever it is repaired the same day. There are not a lot of children in the community and the playground area is really a very basic play area that is equipped w/ a slide, a set of monkey bars and a kind of fort area all attached to one another. There is also a grill, a picnic table and a couple of benches in the playground area. The community itself is nicely kept up. The visitor parking is a bit ridiculous due to the fact that you only get one visitor pass per apartment; the pass must be hung and visible in the rearview mirror of visiting car or your visitor's car will be towed whether the pass is in the car or not, even if your guest is in the visitor parking area. If you simultaneously have any guests that come to your residence in a seperate car, one of them will have to park outside of the community while the other gets the pass. The towing company, that provides their services to Park Glen, is of very ill business practices so the last thing you want to do is get towed. The security of Park Glen has improved due to the goings on over at Woodside apartments (the police are over there frequently). We have security boxes where you need a code or a key to get in and to let a visitor in they simply follow the instructions on the call box. The community has recently acquired a security gate for further measures of safety and the security boxes are now being installed for those. Due to the apartments being atleast 30 yrs. old, the insulation is quite poor. You can hear your neighbors' goings on at times...even intimate moments that can make one blush. You have some neighbors who are considerate of this fact and some not so, but this can be easily rectified by letting the office staff know or simply handling it yourself. You will definitely hear creaking floors, the plumbing moaning at times and the heavy metal doors to the apartments can shake the closely neighboring apartments if one does not close the door properly, slamming it instead. There are no in unit washers/dryers. There is a laundry room provided on the bottom floor with two washers/dryers costing a $1.50 per wash/dry so stock up on quarters, but good luck trying to get them when you need it. Some of the apartments have a dishwasher. There are no utilities included and you will have to pay a trash fee which comes on your water and gas meter bill from some random company supplied by Park Glen. There are no balconies attached to the apartments and pets are not allowed. On the plus side, leases are month to month which is very agreeable. Over all, Park Glen is a decent place to live. Although, there are absolutely no sort of amenities such as a pool or communtiy club house, it is a place to live and truly that is about it. If you want more than that, I would venture somewhere else. If you really just want a nice community staff and a place to lay your head then you have found the right place.
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Park Glen Apartments

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