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7491 Furnace Branch Road

Glen Burnie, MD 21060



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bigmistake27 • Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/16/2009
I must say this place upon moving in was NOT my first choice. But being the frugal individual that I am as most are during these trying times I decided against my better judgement to move in. Especially considering the current special move-in rates for this apt complex. Since I moved in I have experienced problems after problems and only expect to see them escalate into more. Where do I begin. 1.) Parking- What parking? Either you speed home from work at 4:30pm if your the average worker. Or stay home and sit tight like 80% of the section 8ers around here. Consider yourself lucky if you find parking after 8pm. You'll have the opportunity to stretch your legs and walk across the complex to reach your apt unit. Spoke to management about this they dont care. Typical response is no assigned parking at this complex. Nothing they can do. I swear everyones mom, brother, sister, uncles lives here throughout the week and they aren't listed on the lease. 2.) Dead bodies are lurking. Check out this website on Fox 5, a.) http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/news/maryland/071109_womans_body_found_in_freezer b.) http://freezersandfridgefreezer.com/tag/country-club-apartments/ Dead body was found in a freezer on apt grounds. Yup. This year, 2009. 3.) Maintenace Requests. Log it. They close it. Within 20 min. .. Hmm not sure if they ever visited my place and actually resolved the issue but they closed the request. Issues still exist. So figure. 4.) No Hot water- This happens on occassion. Just log a request and it'll turn up resolved someday. There is no 24-hr maintenance. Whoever told you that is lying to you. 5.) Thin Walls. They might as well knock down the walls of these apt units and turn them into a big house. Hell I can hear everything from people cursing someone out, having sex, or even screaming at the kids or spouses. Your in trouble if they happen to have surround sound,. Think twice about enduring this pain. Your forewarned. I asked if the walls were then prior to moving in and the response I received from the leasing agent was, no sir. This was fabricated. 6.) Kids. Parents around here can't seem to control their kids. Watch out driving around here because you might hit one. On the weekends especially they are frolicking around and running about from one unit to another and where's the parents? Hmm goes to show how much parents really cares about their kids around here. Loud and unruly. Let's just hope that you dont have too many kids living in your apt complex or you'll be up for nights and nights of fun and adventures. 7.) Live Upstairs- 3rd floor. Please dont do the mistake I made. I thought by choosing to live on the 2nd floor might be good enough but I was sadly mistaken. The walls and floors as soooo thin here. If you decide on living here, dont know why, but choose the 3rd floor is you do so. Youll regret it if you dont. 8.) Laundry. You've heard of the cookie monster on Sesame Street...well here beware of the laundry washing and dryer machine. They will eat your clothes. I do not know how long these machines have been here on the premises but I must say they are long overdue for a replacement. Whatever you do take your clothes to a laundry mat or washing/dryer service. You wont regret it. I know to might be a major inconvenience but it will save you money in having to buy new clothes. In summary, think twice and do your homework prior to moving in here. I thought I did but maybe I should have done more socialiing with the current tenants actually living in these apt units prior to making my decision.
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