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7491 Furnace Branch Road

Glen Burnie, MD 21060



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/09/2010
This is the WORST place I have ever lived in. Management does nothing when you file complaints. We live in 7499 at the other end of the leasing office. There is so much noise at night you can't sleep. People party outside all hours of the night. Drug deals 24/7. No one works here because they are living off the state and are Section 8. Bi-polar guy who lives on the bottom floor is always outside drinking and making drug deals. His mother locked him out one night so at 5:30 am he was banging on the back sliding glass door as well as banging and shaking the front door. I ended up calling the police. Right before the police got here, he had done busted the window in the laundry room and climbed in the window. Police talked to him and his mother but when police left they DID NOT arrest him. People slam their apartment door every time they go in or out including in the middle of the night slamming doors. Someone hit our window really hard with a ball and scared my toddler pretty bad as well as me. I don't feel safe here at all. The front doors are supposed to be locked and you are supposed to need a key to get in the front door. NOT TRUE. I don't know what number they are entering in the box at the door but they know a number that unlocks the door so anyone can get in the building. I went down to wash clothes one morning to find a man sitting on the washer that didn't live in the building. He said he was waiting for a ride. I'm guessing he spent the night in the laundry room. I have had people that don't live here hang out front of the building (ones that didn't know the number to unlock the door) and try to get in the door as I went out. I closed the door really fast behind me just to be called a -----. I saw the same guy laying on the front step another time and maintenance was here and telling this guy to leave or they was calling the police. I'm sure the guy was here for drugs. There are alot of cars that pull up for a second and someone will come out or they will go in and turn right around and leave. Parking is crazy. For one people don't know how to park in their ONE space. They will park in your space to and therefore you will get your car all messed up from them hitting their door on your car. People have more cars then they are allowed. Some cars people don't even drive and you aren't allowed to have cars just sit but management does nothing about. Some cars even have car covers on them and on jack stands but yet nothing is done about it because they are still there. You have multi people living in just one apartment. They also have a weight limit for dogs and many people have huge dogs well over the weight limit and nothing gets done about it. People let their dogs crap all over and do not pick up after them.
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