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7491 Furnace Branch Road

Glen Burnie, MD 21060



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Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/29/2019
On Saturday morning at 3:30 in the morning I was sitting on my balcony smoking a cigarette & witnessed violence! There was a young black couple and a female getting out of a black Lexus car. They were arguing, yelling, cursing and using profanity which frightened my children. The male was accusing her of cheating, how he is the responsible one who watches her son & puts him on the bus and complains that she does not pay her rent. They were physically fighting and the male said I will get you and you know I'm from the " Blue Crips & Bloods!" which we all know is gang affiliated! He kept saying this & was getting louder. Minute later another black car drove up & 2 black men got out of the car and went behind the dumpster. I couldn't see what they were doing because it was so dark. I was hoping they were not going to pull out guns & start shooting. I feared for my family and went into the house. The cars kept driving fast around the parking lot. I am too afraid to call the cops, but I'm glad my lease is up and we're moving soon! This place has gone down so bad with guns, violence, drugs and the buildings are nasty. Plus, the front office allows a lady who drives a red car and a green van to park in the "No parking space" everyday. I'm so mad because we have to pay for a space. Whoever owns this place is a piece of ---- & I hope nobody gets seriously hurt or even killed here. I have videotaped all of this & it's on social media! Get out now!!!
The Annabal Apartments Manager05/06/2019

We spoke to the resident that was involved with the disagreement with their significant other in the parking lot. She apologized about this incident and we should not expect this to happen again. There was no gang activity that we are aware of. The two gentleman were also identified and they were not part of a gang. You mentioned two gangs in your email and none of these individuals are part of any gang. I would like to address your real concern about the parking. We have implemented a reserved parking program in which it is self monitored. If you come home and someone is in your parking spot and the office is not open, you have the authority to call the towing company directly. If you would prefer for us to call the towing company, we would need to hear from you about when this is happening. We apologize for any inconveniences that you encounter. The office is always available to hear your concerns and doing it through this rating system is not as efficient and we hope that you call us in the future so that we can resolve your concerns. Thank you for your feedback.

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