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7491 Furnace Branch Road

Glen Burnie, MD 21060



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hound09 • Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/29/2011
At first everything was fine, and by fine I mean I paid $300/month so I could deal with it. I never had mice or roaches so that was good. I actually never found any bugs at all (which was my main concern at first) so that's also a plus for them, but that's about all the good I can say other that it was cheap. I didn't stay there often because I'm a female college student and it frankly kind of scared me to stay there alone at night so I would stay with my friends and my bf a lot. My neighbors would VIDEOTAPE everything that went on outside, one neighbor would stare creepily out his window at me when I went for walks or even just went to me car, and one time I pulled into a parking space a guy OPENED MY CAR DOOR to look in my car. After that, my bf suggested a new thing of pepper spray. One time I came home from the movies at midnight and my toilet had leaked ALL OVER my bathroom floor, and I mean FLOODED my bathroom. I called EMERGENCY maintenance and had to leave a voicemail. They showed up 48 hours later. I got notes on my door saying I was housing "unauthorized persons" (I was the only one that lived there) & that I was going to be reported for not picking up dog poop (my dog lives with my bf). & last but not least, if you decided to live there READ THE LEASE not just the first page. On the first page I was told that I was signing a 6 month lease, move in was Dec 1 and move out was May 31. The next few pages "the lease" say I move out June 30th. Apparently the first page DOESN'T MATTER and the "lease" is all that does... so READ EVERYTHING!! Oh & btw, while talking to the manager about this I was told that if I didn't pay June I would be sued so I said that was fine my father also had a lawyer... SHE HUNG UP ON ME! Not professional at ALL!! Please stay away from this place. Yes it's cheap but you will be much better off paying a few extra dollars for a nicer place. Oh & I forgot to mention that I have dark brown hair & found BLONDE hair in my tub (again, I live by myself) & I found BLUE soap... my soap is yellow. I mentioned that I thought somebody else had a key but "that's not possible". Yeah. My electric was TRIPLE over school vacations while I was gone (even tho I turned OFF the heat & unplugged EVERYTHING). I'm just counting down until I can leave.
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