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The Townes at Heritage Hill



Resident · 2014 - 2016
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Office Staff
I wouldn't even give a half of star on this place!!! In the beginning when we did our walk through the homes seemed to be really nice even though there expensive to live in. We didn't expect to be living in front of the playground, only because we have a small infant, nap time and bed time hasn't been easy with a bunch of screaming kids outside. Not only that flower pots get kicked over, all my outside decorations have gotten stolen or destroyed to the point we had to put cameras up. We have been living here for almost 3 years now and maintenance has always been a JOKE.. I've called and sent emails about a mouse problem that's out back and all they did was put a black Lil box outside which did nothing. Our used washer and drier has broke atleast 10 times since we've been here. They have the biggest spiders I've ever seen in my life and a ton of ants every where..Maintance will call an exterminator and they come and spray something that last for a couple days and then the bugs are back again.. I've called the rental office about certain neighbors that allow there dogs to poop all in our front yard and on top of the flowers I've planted they don't clean up the mess, again they don't do anything about it. At first we were getting blamed for it and had letters sent to us saying that we were going to be fined for it.. we don't even have a pet..I have a 8 months old daughter and we sit outside almost everyday and I can't have her sitting around a bunch of dog pooh, which can make her really sick.. we have had our air conditioner break every summer and last time it leaked inside the house in the closet which we had stored some valuable boxes of pictures that were completely ruined.. we have complained about our tub leaking since the day we moved in and they have yet to do anything about it and now it's starting to seep through our kitchen ceiling... Almost all of the electric sockets don't work or they spark or only the bottom plugs will work non of top plugs work. There suppose to come and check our fire alarms every 6 months which they havnt done since we lived there. The landscaping is another Joke. Either they come and leave grass all over my flowers or they completely destroy all my flowers or they just skip our house and not cut the grass at all.. even when they do cut it, all they do is smash it down and run over it instead of actually cutting it. Parking is absolutely ridiculous. We were told we had one assigned parking and one free space per unit. We've always parked in the same two parking spots everyday for the last 3 years. 3 months ago, new neighbors moved in next to us and they have like 5 different cars and one of which is parked in our free spot which is fine except it's been sitting there with a flat tire for almost 3 months now. So one of us has to park a block away from our house by the time he gets home from work at 530am..I called the rental office and they said there is basically nothing they can do about it and it's ok that there car is broke down and sitting out there for how ever long. But yet there quick to tow someone for accidentally parking in the wrong spot without notifying them. We pay 1400 a month there and one of us can't even park infront or even near our own house...,it's ridiculous!!! I rather move to Baltimore highlands to highland village and pay 780 a month for a 2 bedroom.. Maintance and management was way better and we atleast could both park infront of our own damn home... who the hell wants to look for a parking spot at there own home especially as soon as they get off work. Ontop of all that, ever since SAGE management took over, there constantly saying that we owe money when we don't, we have all our receipts of money orders and proven that we have paid them. Come to find out they told us that apparently the money was misplaced by there own employees. But we're still at fault.. Managment is completely rude especially the lil short guy. He talks as tho we're uneducated people and had made the comment that he is running a business and said we need to get our heads above the water. Well I work for Johns Hopkins and My fiancé told him, first off I know everything about running a business I'm a manager myself with a bachelors degree and I don't think its your business to make snarling comments to me or my family, when in fact it was your own problem managing this community. It was your employees that make the mistakes. And these people are still saying we owe them money it's ridiculous!!!!
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The Townes at Heritage Hill

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