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The Townes at Heritage Hill



Resident · 2008 - 2020
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Office Staff
Renters beware! The parking here is terrible! They allow people to park their oversized work trucks in the neighborhood parking. Which takes up more than one spot. Some of the other tenants have 3 to 4 cars and take up all the park. They do not Tow on holidays and tenants know that and park in your spot . My car has been broken into several times . My parking spot is located under a tree which dropped berries and birds pooped on it. This made my car look ugly and from wiping the bird poop off my car my paint on my hood is starting to peel. I called and emailed numerous times which nothing was done about this. Also Neighbors fix cars in leaves screws and nails with ended up puncturing my tires when parking. I had to spend a lot of money getting my tires plugged while living here. Imagine coming out to go to work in the morning with -------- on your car stepping over used condoms in a syringe. People come and buy and use drugs right in front of my house. The parents around here do not watch their kids they break and steal stuff off your porch in your backyard. I had a disagreement with one of my neighbors who help themselves to my grill and patio furniture.( removing Grill and some of my patio furniture for their cookout ). Ihave footage on my ring camera of kids stealing my packages from my porch. The kids in this neighborhood vandalize my backyard and my holiday decorations. I have caught teenagers having sex on my patio furniture. The crime in this neighborhood has gotten so bad they had to hire security to drive around at night. We have had several shootings and a stabbing death here. Crime here has definitely risen in the last few years.In this neighborhood it's really just the day-to-day living and the other tenants that make this place a horrible place to live. The staff here is always friendly and courteous!!! They have a great response for corrective maintenance. Most reactive maintenance done within 24 hours of you calling them . Staff is great and very knowledgeable. If you're thinking of moving in here please do a drive-thru around here from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. can you see how the neighborhood really is. Don't just look at the front part there is another side of the of the community.
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The Townes at Heritage Hill

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