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Resident 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/16/2002
My composed letter to... <br> <br>Springhill Lake Maintenance Department Manager, AIMCO Management, and Leasing Office: <br> <br>I am writing to reinforce my previous phone calls in regard to the repair of the parking lot safety lights attached to my building (Springhill Lane). Both parking lot lights attached to the top corners are completely dark, and have been so for over a month. <br> <br>My initial service request was made early in the week of June 23rd. In the week prior, I realized that the parking lot safety lights were out, and later in that week, I was woken up by the sound of nearby gunshots, provoking my concern for the safety of the residents. <br> <br>I check each night to see if the lights have been repaired. If the lights are not on towards the end of the week, I call to check on my service request. I placed my second call early in the week of July 1st. I was told that service had already been processed, and that repairs were made. I waited in the dark through the weekend of July 4th. I called again on July 11th to let maintenance know that the lights were still out. I also mentioned my previous calls, and asked them to place another service request on the lights. They placed another service request for me, and also told me to call the Maintenance supervisor to find out if they had repaired the lights. I called the supervisor, who could not confirm that the lights had been looked at yet. He told me that the contractor was supposed to take a look at the lights and fix them. He assured me that the lights were on their list, and that they would be repaired rapidly. Since the lights were still out, I placed another call on July 18th. I told them of my previous requests, and call to the supervisor, and that this is a safety concern that needs to be taken care of. I was told that they do not know of the status, since the computer only shows requests. Therefore, I asked that a rush be placed on my most recent request. <br> <br>I am very frustrated with the lack of attention for this safety concern. My previous requests have been met in a timely manner when safety is of concern. I placed (what I hope to be) my last call to maintenance to find out if the repair has been made. The answer I received was not satisfactory, and does not make me feel that safety is of concern. I was told once again that the service is still in process.
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