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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/30/2002
I thought that I was free of this place when I fled the roach-infested squalor of Springhill Lake in 2002.<br><br>I was wrong.<br><br>I have just received an electricity bill for my old apartment--where I have NOT lived for a year. After calling the billing company, I discovered that, though I had called them when I moved out and asked them to remove my name from the bill, they couldn´t do anything without the sign-off from the management at good old Springhill Lake.<br><br>And it´s not like they don´t remember me--I visited or called them every day for nearly a month, eventually proving that my lease did not exist and heading for the hills.<br><br>So, those of you getting out, remember that EVERYTHING written about the gross mismanagement of this place is true and make certain that they remove your name from all existing accounts. Otherwise it will come back to haunt you.<br><br>________<br>My old review, written just after I escaped: <br><br>I despise this apartment complex and advise anyone considering moving here to keep on looking. Low rent comes at a very, very high cost. Here are several reasons why:<br><br><br><br>1. Roaches and other unwelcome guests of the animal kingdom: We have had our apartment sprayed for bugs no less than three times, but it never seems to have any effect. It's gotten to the point where I've decided to give them pet names and hope that they stay in the kitchen (flash to an ugly incident several weeks ago where I woke up to find a roach crawling up my arm). Less nauseating, but still worrisome, are the things living in the walls and ceiling of our 3rd floor unit. I like to think that they are squirrels and not rats, but who knows. Once again, we called maintenance and eventually they rolled by and set a trap or two in the crawl space without any discernable effect.<br><br><br><br>2. Lead paint: I don't know that anyone else got this, but those of us living in older units got a very disturbing report detailing the lead paint content of our apartments (steer clear of the closets, people). Almost entirely undecipherable, two things caught my eye. First, the study on the complex was finished in May of 2001, but not given to tenants until well over six months after that date. Second, there was nothing at all about what the management planned to do about it, if anything.<br><br><br><br>3. Management: This place is as poorly run as they come. I signed a so-called "lease renewal" with my roommate. Neither of us were on the original lease, but we dutifully signed paperwork allowing them to substitute our names onto the lease (very shady, says a lawyer friend of mine). In the course of the signing, we never once actually saw the lease. Three months later, my roommate and I get another piece of paper with turns out to be the "real" lease renewal. We signed it and sent it back (still without a copy of the actual lease). We spent the next two months asking people in various offices for a copy of it, but still no dice. Finally, I took a couple hours off work (as they are only open from M-F, 8:30-5, when most people work) and went to the office myself only to discover that there was no lease whatsoever in our file. That}s right--nothing. The good people in the office treated me like I was an idiot, assuring me that such an occurance was completely normal. Ha.<br><br><br><br>And then there are all of the other reasons not to live here--crime, poor quality of utilities, and the morning taxis. As for me, I can}t wait to get out of this hell-hole.
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