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Verde at Greenbelt

8010 Greenbelt Station Parkway

Greenbelt, MD 20770



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
So I had to edit this from my original post because my first review was two weeks after we moved in and I wanted to give a more explained review. We've been living here 6 months and we definitely won't be renewing our lease. The apartment complex and the actual apartments are beautiful but so many things could be improved to make everything better, especially for how much we're paying to live here. It's honestly, NOT worth all the headache. For one, the fire alarms go off at random times and in the past 3 months, it's been a lot more frequent. The elevator has been out of order for almost 2 weeks with no sense of urgency to fix it. If there was an urgency, emails would be sent out with an update on the status of the repair. They send emails out late, which I've contacted them about due to the unprofessionalism on how it's handled. Few examples of actual situations: 1. Email gets sent out at approximately 7am explaining how the office will be closed that same morning till 1pm due to a "staff training" so if you planned on speaking to them in office, calling the office, picking up a package, etc; YOU have to wait because they're not going to be there. If you're planning on closing during normal office hours, a 48 hour window should give residents enough notice to plan accordingly, NOT the morning of. That's unacceptable. 2. They claim they sent an email to all the residents out at 3pm but it didn't come to our inbox until 3am, stating that they were not picking up trash that night (trash is supposed to be out to be picked up by 8pm). When I emailed her back inquiring about the extremely late email, the office manager blamed it on a slow system they're using to generate mass emails. Before I left to go out of town at 6pm, I put my trash outside my door. Seeing as they took their time communicate with residents, my, along with many others had there trash outside their doors waiting for a picking that never came.You pay a mandatory $25/month fee for trash pick up that they can cancel on any given night due to "weather conditions" Again, poor and LATE communication. 3. Guest parking is completely free with no limit as to how long you can park there, you also don't need a pass. Multiple people park their extra car there and leave it there for over a week at a time. They should come up with some sign up sheet that residents use with a 2-3 day guest car max, so that others can utilize the spots and allow their guests to park as well. 4. This has no reflection on anyone, but if you prefer peace and quiet at normal hours, I would stay away from here. The train starts running at the wee hours in the morning till midnight and YES, you can hear it. It runs right next to the complex. Also, motorcycles, police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, you can hear absolutely everything from the main street. Everything echoes, including all the construction and it's very overwhelming at times. I have a pool view apartment and I'm nervous about the amount of noise and people that don't live here, are going to provide when it actually starts getting warmer outside. 5. Thumbs up to your maintenance team though, they're a lot more responsive and helpful than anyone else who works here besides Tina of course :)
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Verde at Greenbelt

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