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Verde at Greenbelt

8010 Greenbelt Station Parkway

Greenbelt, MD 20770



Former Resident · 2016 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
New Tenants beware the only good thing about this place is how new and clean it is. The worst part of this place is the leasing office! Tina and Leila are horrible human beings who are ratchet and completely unprofessional. They must have worked in prison before because they will treat the tenants like they were inmates. The rent is high but I came in knowing that, but what I didn't know or expect is the redness of those too ladies I hope to God the real owners of this property read the reviews and notice how many people complain about the leasing staff. I have lived there for 12 months and have never paid a single bill late. I actually wanted to renew funny enough, and came to their office 2 months before my lease is up to ask them for a new lease. You would think that they would be happy about that! They actually gave me the run around for about 6 weeks claiming that 'Laila' was not trained yet on re-leasing people! (Leila btw was the property manager's assistant at the time) what kind of un professionalism is this?! A week later I went on a trip and was out of the country and I received an email /complaint from Leila about how one of my close friends was caught swimming on the property pool without me. So I asked if my friend was damaging the property or rude to guests and they said no.So if my friend is not hurting anyone and you know that this is my guest and that I pay for this service what is the problem?!! Can you believe that due to that they refused to have me renew my lease! I mean I was putting up with a lot of B.S as well before that, like lack of guest parking issues and no bike in your own balcony rule and no remote to any t.v in the community space rule and late water bill, and maintenance walking in your apartment with no notice!!! So refusing to have my friend use their stupid community center was the last straw. They are rude inconsiderate un educated staff that lack customer service. Its like they forgot who is supposed to service who.
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Verde at Greenbelt

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