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Fleetwood Village



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livingforme • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2007
I lived in Fleetwood for exactly two years. I had a one bedroom on the dead in hill. (Greenlawn dr) First things first, don't try to park in front of or near your building after 6:30pm. If it weren't for the drug dealears and there crack head buyer you would have someone where to park. Secondly, if you live in building 501 watch out for apt #202. It seems like the only people they get in there are prostitutes that have the sheriffs office breaking down the door or boyfriend beating girlfriend smack down or --------- that let there newly walking child running back and forth across the floor all hours of the night you wont get any sleep. Now, the main problem, MOUSE/RATS. As you will read from the other reviews these apartments have a serious mouse problem and bed bug problem. In my apt i caught about 8-10 mice a night. If i could post pics i would. THIS IS NO LIE. They even knew not to come out until 9pm when my house shuts down. I called housing dept on them roughly 3 times and until they were fined for my problem they didn't come and "fix" my issue. The beg bugs came my last 3 nights I was there. This is the reason i broke my lease to get out. They called the "exterminator" (which can only come on friday) and he told them i didnt have a problem with bed bugs. The things were clearly crawling on my bed also i had hospital documents that proved I was being attacked by them. The still would not exterminate the apartment. I asked the rental office if any one else in the building complained and they told me yes. PLEASE TELL ME Y U DIDNT TREAT THE ENTIRE BUILDING for something like that. So anyway when i broke the lease owing them about $700 for rent, they took me to court and tried to sue me for over $3000 with no explanation to the charges. Before I showed the lawyer my pics of the mice (over 20 with dates) she tried to make me believe that mice were ok to live with and the judge would rule against me. I told her lets take these pics and see what he says. She changed her story real quick. If i didn't agree that i owed the $700 I could have walked out of there owing nothing. All this to say.. YOU ARE TAKING A BIG, BIG HEALTH RISK IF YOU MOVE TO THESE APARTMENTS.
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Fleetwood Village

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