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Hyattsville House



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/29/2012
hyattsville house can be a nice place if it wasn't for the neighbor from hell.The walls are paper thin,where as the neighbor that lives above me complains because my television in my bedroom volume level is 4,she complained everyday as it was told to me by the resident manager who by the way plays everybody against each other,mean while i never complained on anyone because we live in an apartment building.We had a meeting to discuss the matter and my neighbor says she does not use her garbage disposal or flush her toilet after 10pm,and no she's not old either,this is unrealistic,the elevator will scare the hell out of you it feels like you are falling to your death,the halls smell like jamaica,there is weed smell everywhere,they say they have police in the building,they only come to visit there friends.And with all this being said without investigating the incidents i got a notice to vacate not for me not paying my rent,because my televisions volume stayed on 4 thank got im moving into a house with my fiance......BEWARE YOU MAY BE EVICTED EVEN IF YOU PAY YOUR RENT ON TIME,IF YOU DON'T TIPPY TOE AROUND YOUR APT THE SLIGHTEST SOUND MAY ANNOY YOUR NEIGHBOR......
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Hyattsville House

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