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6000 42nd Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781
6000 42nd Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781

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Hyattsville House



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mwosucks • Prospective Resident 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2008
I've previously read the reviews of this place, but I was walking by & saw a young man I thought was a resident, so I inquired. Turns out his friend lived there, but he said that the friend doesn't complain about the place & seems to like it okay. The guy said he actually considered moving in, but a family he knew decided to rent out their basement to him. I decided to call & Ms. Ginger (the manager) returned my call promptly the next business day & was pleasant (for some reason she really liked the message I left - go figure!). We had a nice chat over the phone this morning I went to the property today. Contrary to the prior posts, there was no bad smell, the building & grounds were quite clean, & management was very nice & helpful. A warning: there is a cat in the leasing office, so if you're allergic, give a heads up before you go in. She let me take the application home because of this (and her cat didn't come molest me like most others do). The kitchen does leave a bit much to be desired (the old school stove belies the building's age), but the 1BR I viewed was spacious. I looked at the 703 sq ft (just above a junior), which currently rents for $925, all utilities included. I'm a young, black female, but I didn't sense any sort of racism or ageism during my entire encounter. I didn't see a whole lot of people around, but the few I did see were older folks (definitely the 55 crowd). I kinda appreciate this, though b/c living in places surrounded by kids has been completely annoying! One of them did say that she is the happiest that she's been in years. Of course, she & the landlady then had an odd, yet funny discussion about some guy on the 5th floor who was pouring oatmeal out of his window to feed the birds. Something people haven't mentioned is that there is laundry on each floor & in the basement they have a commercial washer & dryer so you don't have to schlep your bulky items to some shady laundromat. The neighborhood was very quiet when I walked by both on Saturday and today (Monday at 3:30pm). There is, however, a middle school right across the street, so I'm sure things are quite loud during the times when the kids are out. What does suck is that for $925, you're subject to when management decides to turn on the (convection) heat vs. the A/C, but even still, you do get to control the intensity in each room. Ignore my ratings for parking & maintenance. I don't have a car & of course, I haven't dealt with maintenance yet. Overall, Hyattsville House didn't seem to be a bad place to me. I'm still nervous, though, b/c many of the things people have complained about are things I wouldn't yet have encountered. I am a bit concerned about the consistent, negative ratings over the past four years! There are only five, though. Anybody who lives there currently wanna comment?
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Hyattsville House

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