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Hyattsville House



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Office Staff
Resident 1995 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 11/03/2008
It seems only people with negative comments know about this website. I stumbled onto this website and out of curiosity started checking places I lived. I lived at Hyattsville House for over a year with my then 3 year old, and I still know people that live here that I am friends with. Several of them have children. This building has a mixture of white, black, spanish, and other ethnic backgrounds in it, and all various ages. Yes there are probably slightly more older people in the building but that is because they have actually lived here for many years. Again, I have become friends with several of them too. There are younger couples in the building and single moms as well. I have seen a few roaches (and I do mean literally only a few) over the years that I have been living/visiting the place. I have never known a place to be 100% bug-free. I believe that if you are having a constant bug problem then perhaps you should check your own standards of living and cleanliness, you can't blame it all on neighbors! I never had a problem getting anything fixed in my apartment. If something had to be ordered, I understand, you cannot possible keep every single part on hand that you may "one-day" need. And it is ridiculous to beleive otherwise. Ms. Ginger (manager) has always been very personable, and friendly towards my bi-racial child and myself, never showing anys signs of racism. I have not experienced any encounters with any unhappy residents other than those I later witnessed skipping out in the middle of the night. (My belief is they probably couldn't come up with their rent so they make like the place is some sort of slums or discriminating place as an excuse to not pay). To sum up my feelings, I believe the FEW people that have left a totally bogus message here are just miserable people and we all know the saying, "Misery loves company". I am not saying this place is the Grand Hyatt or Ritz but it is not near what these people are making it to be. If it had not been for a job relocation, I would still be happily living there. Thank you Ms. Henson for making my child and I feel "home" after my horrible divorce. I would recommend to anyone and I would definitely live at Hyattsville House again!!
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Hyattsville House

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