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University Town Center Student Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/01/2007
I've been living in the Towers since it opened in August in a 2 bedroom apt. The apartment itself is very nice, the furniture is adequate, but beyond the actual apartment itself there aren't many more plusses. Upon signing the lease, it was amply advertised that there would be a rooftop pool, and 2 stand up tanning beds. There is a very nice gym, game room, and a computer room, however the computer room houses only 3 computers and a printer that everytime I went to use it never worked. Well, just prior to my move in date I was told that the pool would be open. Ok, so I move in, no pool, I ask again, they tell me 2 more weeks. 2 more weeks pass, no pool. The pool never opened, and I am very skeptical regarding whether or not it will open in the Spring, although that is what they told me. In addition, it is now January and there are finally tanning beds in the tanning rooms, but they are inoperable. When I go to ask about them, it is hard to find someone in the office that knows anything about the status. Also, the mail room is not yet open because of a complicated problem, but it is somewhat annoying to wait in lines to have people go through the mail to find what is yours. This system has gotten more efficient, but when I am paying so much for rent I would expect my own mailbox at this point. These problems will hopefully be fixed, but I am not impressed with the lack of communication of what is going on not only among the employees, but in relaying the correct information to the tenants. I am paying $825 for my room, my roomate is paying slightly less, and we both agree that for that kind of money, we should recieve what we were promised, or at the least the knowledge of what is really going on.<br>I am on the tenth floor and like others have said, the walls are very thin. I can hear the conversation going on in the apartment next to me as I lay in bed. This in combination with the noise of loud parties that sometimes go on late into the night, not good. So if you are sensitive to noise, this is not a place for you. One last thing, my floor is non-smoking, there was once a sign in the hallways to communicate this (it has been knocked down by someone and not yet replaced), yet cigarette smoke frequently flows under the door, and through the vents. This also is not good. I have called many times to complain about this, and it still continues. So overall, nice apartments, but many problems, I'm not sure if they are just kinks that need to be ironed out since this is a new place, but I would ask around before paying so much $ to rent here.
University Town Center Student Apartments Manager04/28/2015

Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear the amenities advertised were not fully operational at the time of your move in. The Towers at UTC pool is open and available to residents from May until August. We are also in the process of reinventing the pool area to make it more suitable for our residents. The computer room has been updated and there are 5 computer stations available for residents 24 hours a day. We are constantly servicing our printer and computers to make sure they are fully operational and available when residents would like to utilize them. The tanning beds in the gym are fully operational and are available for residents to use during office hours. The mailroom is now open and residents receive a key to their mailbox at move in and can access their mail 24 hours a day. The Towers at UTC has quiet hours after 10 pm on weekdays, we have 24 hour security to assist any resident with noise complaints during this time period. We are a smoke free building; therefore, it is against policy for any resident to smoke within the building. If residents are having issues with roommates or hall mates smoking they can report to the office and we will follow up to resolve the issue. Thank you again for your feedback, we are committed to making the Towers at UTC your best housing option and will improve our service every day. We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know how we can improve. To continue this conversation you can reply to your post, send us an email at [email protected] , or stop by my office to discuss your concerns.

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University Town Center Student Apartments

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