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Kent Village Apartments

6707 Hawthorne Street

Landover, MD 20785



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/11/2005
I am a current resident of Kent Village Apartments and plan to move out very, very, soon. You think the other comments were bad, let me explain my story. We moved in 03/18/03. Don't let Carlos, the leasing agent fool you! This is a hell hole. Because it was fairly warm outside, we didn't know what we had in store for us. When it starting getting hot outside, that's when we realized we walked into hell. <br><br>Yes, they do have those heat/ A/c that you would find in a motel. A old motel. The motel 6 in the country has better units than these. Our a/c broke 3 times in a two month period. Every time we called maintenance, we were advised that it had to be at least 90 degrees outside or above in order for them to respond. Otherwise, we would have to call at 8am or earlier. It wasn't until I cussed somebody out, that they gave us a new unit. <br><br>Let's talk about late fees. Not only do they charge you late fees, they are slick about it. They took away our "grace period" without any notification. (Grace period is when your due date is the 1st through the 5th) Meaning, if we paid after the 1st of the month, our rent was considered to be late. Instead of sending us notice that the rent is late or we no longer have a grace period, they continue to allow you to pay rent for months to allow the late fees to add up and then send you a notice. Once you pay off all of the late fees (at least so you think), they charge you again the following month, for the previous month!(Sound crazy don't it.) <br><br>Children hang outside all hours of the night. Drug dealers stay around there! Both me and husband have had our cars towed by mistake. Only because the ignorant tow truck driver couldn't look in the window and see the parking sticker. The alley cats are terrible. They walk around with 3 legs, half a tail, one eye, and cause fleas to get up in your car from them sleeping under them. Your car will get broken into. You may get shot or stabbed. <br><br>The crime . . . let's just say my next door neighbor was stabbed to death in her apartment by her ex-boyfriend the day after Christmas. Just think, my family and I are arriving home from out of town on 12/26/03 to find police tape all around our building. In addition to that, the police let us go into our apartment but told us we had to stay inside for at least 4 hours while forensics continues to collect samples. And do you know that Kent Village Apartments made the family of my neighbor clean the apartment professionally and didn't give them her deposit! They had another family move into the apartment not even a month later. <br><br>Finally, the leaks! I had a leak in my son's bedroom which I discovered on 12/26/03. The leak was directly over my son's bed. I called maintenance, just like any other tenant, and requested attention to the leak...no response. This went on for several weeks. I sent an email to the corporate office explaining the situation. They advised that I call the property manager. Who is never available. Left message after message. The leak continued and the ceiling began to fall apart. Do you know it is now March and they just fixed the leak last Friday! And they charged us $150.00 for moving the articles out of the bedroom that were not in the way of the leak! It wasn't until I threatened to put all of us on 7 on your side that they started making moves. My son and I have been terribly sick due to mold poisoning found by the health department. In addition to that leak, this past Saturday, we discovered 3 more additional leaks. 2 in the dining room, and one at my light fixture as soon as you walk into the apartment. The section manager had the nerve to tell me that it wasn't a fire hazard that water was leaking onto a light fixture! <br><br>To top it all off, the "business office" is ------, dirty, and down right ugly! If anyone has a problem with Kent Village Apts, email me at [email protected], because I am taking them to court! I refuse to allow them to run over me like they have done to so many other tenants over the years! <br><br><br>
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Kent Village Apartments

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