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Overland Gardens

3119 75th Avenue

Landover, MD 20785



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2005
I live here and I am ashamed of my neighbors. I went to check my mail and what did I find but a sign saying evictions were in progress pay your rent or hand in your keys. So I wanna know what ------- moved in and can't pay the rent, no one has been here over a year so there is no excuse. I called the rental office and they said there was a HUGE problem with people not paying rent and bouncing checks. So how dare any of you come on this site and complain about anything when you have the cheapest rent around and can't pay it. But all you see are hummers and bmws in the parking lot. And a word to my female neighbors make them dingy --- dudes you have staying with you pay some rent instead of leaching off you just because the ---- is good and you think he's cute, its time for people to wake up. If you can't afford rent and utilties don't move, don't deck out your apartment and not have any money for the rent. Keep your nappy headed kids in the house and stop them from turning this place into the hood. And if you are gonna smoke your weed do it in the house and crack a window so i don't smell it in the hallway. I agree with the office pay your rent do what you are supposed to do or leave respond if you dare.
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Overland Gardens

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