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Hampshire Village

1319 Merrimac Drive

Langley Park, MD 20783



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2010
The deal with this place is that, well, it's every inch what it says it is. These apartments are very cheap, they include ALL utilities and they're month to month. We have our two-bedroom for 1,175$, and the only thing we need to do when we leave (which we have done) is give 30days notice of leaving. They prorate your rent when you're moving in and when you're moving out. The major downfall is not the apartments themselves, but the area they're located in. Right in Langley park, behind a massive shopping center with a furniture store and whatnot. The area is not very safe; we see MS-13 signs all along the back of the shopping center we're up against, and unfriendly looking people are out at all hours of the night. I wouldn't go outside after dark without pepper-spray here. That said, we've never had an issue with crime specifically in our area. The worst thing that's happened to us here is that our mailbox got broken into-- and that was probably teenagers who lived in the building. What was stolen was obvious netflix dvd's-- the red packaging and everything was left on the floor in front of the mailbox, and we later figured out you could break into our mailbox with your finger. We reported it to the office, they came over immediately and fixed the mailbox. There's tons of parking-- you do have to register your cars with the office, but that's easy to do. Not so much off-street parking for guests, but there's usually a spot or two in front of hte building or along the far end of the street. The office staff is actually excellent-- we've never had a problem with them. They were courteous and efficient getting us through the door, and they stayed courteous and efficient once we'd moved in. If we had a problem, maintainence came to fix it that day. We could pop by any time they were open and get copies of paperwork, or ask them questions. I have absolutely no complaint about the office staff. The apartments themselves are also nice and in pretty good condition. They're pretty small, and they're old, but they're well-maintained and comfortable. They're much nicer then the drab brick building would suggest. My only complaint about the apartments themselves is whatever is on the wall-coat picks up color very easily-- the area in front of the bed has unfortunately picked up some color from the books I read. I've seen a mouse in the apartment once, but only once, and I'm a night owl who goes searching for them. No roaches as far as we can tell, no ants. Would I recommend this place to a friend? Honestly, it depends on what they're looking for. If they want to be in the area for a year, I'd tell them to go to a nicer place. If they're seriously strapped for cash, or if they're looking for temporary housing between arrangements-- we were only here a few months, for instance, as was our plans-- this place is great. It's completely what you make of it.
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Hampshire Village

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