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Carleton East Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/30/2015
I initially moved in based on a high rating from this very site. It took a few weeks for me to realize the management staff was completely careless and dismissive regarding any complaints or concerns made by residents. The maintenance staff barge in using their own keys whenever they like. I came out my bedroom naked and found a maintenance man in my living room shooting nails in the floor with out permission or warning. I screamed and he ran. This was after 2 other unwarranted entries and me calling and making it clear I do not want any entry into my unit that has not been scheduled by me. Seems simple but I have had to repeat it 6 times and now I call the police when I hear them putting keys in my lock without even knocking. There is no inside chain to lock the door so I sleep lightly and even set up booby traps so I hear them trying to enter. The water here is cut off several days a week by management and signs are carelessly slid under the door one day in advance. 9 am to 4 pm most days I'm unable to flush the toilet, wash my hands, cook etc. it's disgusting and they refuse to accept blame. Parking is terrible. I've walked over half a mile in the rain and darkness so many nights just to get to my door. I've slept in my car double parked when there were no spots at all. Trust me they love to tow anyone they can. It's dangerous and I wouldn't recommend any women live alone here.
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Carleton East Apartments

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