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Carleton East Apartments



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Kaylovely13 • Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2015
The worst place I've ever lived in my life! I would not recommend this property to anyone. If you don't mind not having water every other day, no a/c, ants and seeing trash every time you step outside then maybe... I moved in Feb 2015 and was barely there throughout the winter/spring due to traveling. My issues started in May when my apartment was infested with ants and I first noticed to A/C did not work. Naturally I reached out to the rental office and maintenance came to "fix" the problems. They duct taped the a/c unit, sprayed for ants and left. Over the next few months I called and emailed the manager Lindsey. She was polite and seemed helpful. Maintainance came a few more times to check the air conditioning unit and it wasn't until the thing started leaking and flooding my living room and linen closet that they called a professional that concluded it needed to be replaced. Duh! So that was July and I sent a final email to Lindsey fed up and asking "what I needed to do in order to break my lease without going to court", I received no reply so in August I filled court papers and began searching for a new place to live. My courtdate was scheduled in mid Sep and post poned until the end of Sep. I was told by the judge that I had to get a rent escrow account and an inspector before the next courtdate in Oct. The inspector came out and told me since it was cold outside now and the county would be turning on the heat soon that it was no point in him checking the unit. After that I went into the rental office to talk to Lindsey personally and of course she act as if she was clueless to the situation(even after several emails/calls) Regardless my question remained the same as in the email "what do I need to do in order to break my lease without going back and forth to court". She said just pay one months extra rent. I was so in shock and literally boiling inside because had she just communicated that in the first place when I asked I wouldn't have lived there all the extra time nor would I have continued to pay them rent in full and on time or filled court papers. Moving forward I paid the fee agreed to terminate the lease and I thought we were done. I was under the impression that she would call her boss and let me know if I did or did not have to pay Sep rent under the circumstances, I'd already moved out in Sep. It's Oct and the court case was dismissed and I just received a email from Linsey saying I do indeed owe Sep and she wants me to pay their lawyers fees. First off, if she did her job and handled the issues in the apartment or at the very least replied to an email in the beginning, no court papers would've been filed. Second off, how dare she ask me for a damn dime after I've lived in those conditions for months. I am beyond disturbed and moving there has been a complete nightmare. I have videos of the a/c unit flooding and I've kept every email sent and received. Why I'm being treated so unfairly is beyond me but lessoned learned, civil court.
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Carleton East Apartments

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